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The Protective Equipment You Need

The building professional knows that staying safe while on the job site is paramount. To this end, Mar-flex offers the best safety equipment in the industry, guaranteed to protect you while you install our products. Mar-flex offers everything the building professional needs while on-site, including coveralls, respirators, PVC gloves, and much more. View our selection… Read more »

Mar-flex Concrete Repair – Never Easier

Its never been easier to repair those unsightly, and hazardous cracks in your basement floor and foundation wall. These cracks are referred to as random shrinkage cracks because they are unavoidable and are caused by stress on the structure. When you find these cracks, they need to be repaired before they require extremely expensive solutions… Read more »

Mar-flex Control Joint System – Why You Need It

Concrete expands and contracts with moisture and temperature changes, and these are known as volume changes. Volume changes produce cracks in hardened concrete unless they are controlled. With Mar-flex Concrete Control Joints at predetermined locations, you can prevent a concentration of crack-producing forces. The Mar-flex Control Joint System is designed to ensure optimum protection, with… Read more »

5000 – A Generation of Innovation

When you need a heavy-duty waterproofing solution that is tried-and-tested, you need Mar-flex 5000. Mar-flex 5000 is the product of years of research and development, and is Mar-flex’s most popular membrane solution. This elastomeric emulsion membrane can be applied to any poured wall foundation, and sprays on easily and predictably – producing a flexible, viscous,… Read more »

Stonewells – Egress Window Well Solutions

Mar-flex new egress windows, dubbed “Stonewells” are fitted with simulated rock texture that looks and feels like real stone at a fraction of the cost. While the built-in-steps provide easy egress in case of a life threatening emergency. Stonewells come in designer colors granite and sandstone, with a fine stone texture. Stonewells let in more… Read more »

The Mar-flex System – Drainage Tile

Proper basement waterproofing includes correct installation of basement footer drains, and is part of a comprehensive Mar-flex Waterproofing System. This is especially important in any area of significant annual rainfall because ground water saturation causes hydrostatic pressure on your foundation wall. Even dry and arid environments need some kind of minimal drainage solution because flooding… Read more »

The Mar-flex Staple Kit

When structural cracks occur in concrete, it is usually caused by movement in the foundation, resulting in long-term moving and fatiguing of concrete. The cracks are the result of movement in the foundation, due to stress forces. To this end, epoxy won’t prevent further foundation damage and cracking. This is why Mar-flex developed a carbon… Read more »

Twip of the Day – Applying Crystalline Waterproofing

Crystalline waterproofing materials are a great way to protect your basement walls from water damage and freezing. Crystalline waterproofing material is applied to basement walls and penetrates into the porous cavities of the cement. This changes the porous concrete into a waterproof solid. It is most effective in a wet basement where water seepage is… Read more »

Vortex Vents – The Future of Ventilation

One of the most important aspects of habitable basement environments is proper ventilation. To this end, contractors usually feel that the foundation walls, once back-filled, are out of sight and out of mind until ugly water problems rear their head. Once this water and dampness develops, it allows mold, mildew, and other dangerous hazards to… Read more »

Twip of the Day – Selecting the Best Sump Pump

Basement sump pump help prevent the common issue of basement flooding. Choosing the right system that fits your home will save you money and costly repairs later on. Our guide has a few suggestions to keep in mind while you shop for sump pumps. First, the amount of power you need for your sump pump… Read more »