ArmorBlock 361 WB Dampproofing

  • Moisture Block 361 Damp proofing
  • Spray on Damproofing

ArmorBlock 361 WB is a commercial grade heavy bodied emulsion asphalt protective
coating used when a VaporBarrier/ Dampproofing is required.

ArmorBlock 361 WB is available in 5-Gallon Buckets & 55-Gallon Drums, 330gal totes and 6000gal bulk.

ArmorBlock 361 WB membrane is recommended for dampproofing below-grade basement walls of poured concrete or unit masonry construction. It serves as a vapor retarder on the exterior face of the interior walls of above-grade exterior masonry cavity walls. It excels as a utility coating on posts, pilings and other metal surfaces set into the ground.

ArmorBlock 361 WB can be spray, brush or roll applied to any vertical or horizontal surface.