ArmorBlock 361 WB Dampproofing

  • Moisture Block 361 Damp proofing
  • Spray on Damproofing

Water threatens more than a building’s foundation. The exterior faces of interior walls of above-grade exterior masonry cavity walls can accumulate dangerous amounts of moisture as can metal surfaces that have been set into the ground. ArmorBlock 361 WB Dampproofing is an above-grade vapor retardant that protects vulnerable surfaces from the buildup and penetration of damaging water. The versatile dampproofing product can also be used as a vapor barrier on the exterior face of the interior wall of above-grade exterior cavity walls or as a utility coating on wooden posts, pilings and other metal surfaces set into the ground.

• Water-based formula
• Compatible with Mar-flex drainage and insulation boards
• Complies with ASTM D 1227-95, Type 2, Class 1 and ASTM D 1187, Type 1

ArmorBlock 361 WB Dampproofing is a patented coating designed to damp proof and protect concrete and concrete masonry surfaces. It is applied as a water-based asphalt emulsion. ArmorBlock 361 is highly weather resistant, flexible in the cold and resists changing temperatures. Most importantly, the membrane helps prevent water penetration. The durable film of ArmorBlock 361 bonds to most surfaces. To ensure proper application, all surfaces must be clean, dry, sound; free from oil, grease, rust, scale, loose paint, and dirt.

While Mar-flex recommends buildings be protected by the added security of a waterproof membrane, ArmorBlock 361 WB Dampproofing can be used in below-grade damp proofing of precast concrete, poured concrete and concrete masonry surfaces. ArmorBlock 361 WB Dampproofing technology is compatible with Mar-flex drainage and insulation boards.