Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)-Masks-Hand Sanitizers & More

Mar-flex Waterproofing Products not only offers the best materials for the job but also the best waterproofing safety equipment. View the entire line of Mar-flex personal protective equipment here.               


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Hooded Coveralls



Hooded coverall, durable, breathable protection from elastic arm and leg bands. 25/box.

S/PE-56150L (Large)  S/PE-56150XL (Extra-Large)

S/PE-56150XXL (Extra-Extra Large)

Hooded coverall

Shoe Covers


One size fits most, slips easily over shoes. Prevents tracking of material onto clean floors. Excellent for crack repair. 50/box.

Shoe Covers



Double Dipped PVC Gloves


Double dipped PVC gloves provide protection from solvents, resins, paints and dyes. 12 pair/pack.


Double Dipped PVC Gloves

PVC Gloves


Inexpensive, multi-use, general purpose utility gloves with full plastic coating over the entire palm providing enhanced protection and longer wear. 12 pair/pack.

PVC Gloves




Particulate Respirators


Particulate respirator is NIOSH certified under CFR84 regulation to have filter efficiency level of 95% or greater against particulate aerosols free of oil. Up to 10X PEL. Exhale valve lets workers breathe easy and stay cool. 10/box.

Mar-Flex Particulate Respirators



*Complete respirator utilizing parts 8000 Respirator Face Piece S/PE-56410, Organic Vapor Cartridge S/PE-56415, P-100 Particulate Filter S/PE-56420 and Hepa Piggy Back Adapter S/PE-56425. See individual parts below.

SPE-56410 Complete Respirator



8000 Respirator Face Piece


Soft, durable half piece conforms to the contour of your face.

8000 Respirator Face Piece





P-100 Particulate Filter


P-100 particulate filter protects against dusts, fumes, mists, radio nuclides, radon daughters and asbestos containing dusts and mists. 5 pair/box.

P-100 Particulate Filter




Hepa Piggyback Adapter


Hepa piggyback adapter. 5 pair/box.

Hepa Piggyback Adapter


Organic Vapor Cartridge


Organic vapor cartridge. 5 pair/box

Organic Vapor Cartridge



Disposable Face-Mask/Blue-Each


3 layer disposable surgical mask 2


KN-95 Mask-Each




Washable Protective Mask/Black-Each



PM2.5 Washable Reusable Mask






Infrared Temperature Gun



temp gun


Hand Sanitizer-Liquid  8oz spray bottle & 32oz Refill


   8oz-S/PE-50008        32oz Refill-S/PE-50032

Hand Sanitizer 8oz pic Hand Sanitizer 32oz pic


Wet Mil Gauge


Standard measuring tool for gauging proper thickness of spray-applied membranes. 10/pack.

AI-28110-wet mil gauge




BreakAway Knives


Disposable knives, great for cutting drainage board. Just BreakAway blade as needed to obtain a new cutting edge. 25/box.

BreakAway Knives