DampFusion Dampproofing Membrane

DampFUSION Dampproofing Membrane

  • Dampfusion Dampproofing Membrane
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When water penetrates the walls of a structure it can cause a wide range of undesirable effects. Slowing the penetration of water into walls and reducing the transmission of water vapor is crucial for the long-term health of buildings. Dampproofing membranes coat walls and foundations to reduce the penetration and transmission of water. Mar-flex created DampFUSION to provide a top-of-the-line dampproofing membrane for projects where waterproofing membranes are unnecessary, uneconomical or simply impossible to apply.

• Water-based; no odor
• Stops water vapor transmission
• Can be applied to damp walls
• Seamless, monolithic coating
• Gray in color; blends in with concrete
• Can be applied to top of foundation walls
• Surface cures within 24-48 hours

Mar-flex DampFUSION is an excellent water-based acrylic dampproofing membrane approved
for masonry, block, pre-cast and poured concrete wall foundations. It will stop water vapor
and protect against leaks.

Mar-flex DampFUSION is a spray-on membrane, so it dries as a seamless, monolithic coating.
It can be applied to pre-existing damp walls and the top of the foundation wall. It has no odor
and will dry to a gray color to blend with the color of concrete. DampFUSION is compatible
with Mar-flex drainage and insulation boards.

Dampproofing is often confused with waterproofing. Dampproofing simply slows down water
penetration but does not completely waterproof a foundation. It is generally very effective in
stopping water vapor transmission.


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    Product Details

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    DampFusion is Available In:

    • RWD-01-5 | 5 Gallon Bucket Each
    • RWD-01-55 | 55 Gallon Drum Each or 4/Pallet


    Total Solids – 35-42%
    Application Method – Spray, brush or roller
    Elongation at 70 degrees F – 180%
    Application Range – 50-100 degrees F
    Weight/Gallon – 9 lbs.
    Total Cure Time – 24 hrs.
    Tensile Strength – 150 psi min
    Coverage Rate – 115-125 ft./gal
    Spray and Board – 10 mil dry thickness
    Spray Only App. – 10 mil dry thickness

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