ArmorMembrane 363 Commercial Waterproofing Membrane

  • AmorMembrane 363 Commercial Waterproofing Membrane
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Without an effective waterproofing membrane, no building is safe from damage. ArmorMembrane 363 Waterproofing Membrane is a tested and proven solution for commercial waterproofing applications. ArmorMembrane’s impermeable design prevents water from reaching masonry and other critical building materials, and its permanent elasticity allows the membrane to move with a structure.

– Resists freeze-thaw cycles
– Will not become brittle, permeable, inflexible or evaporate
– Economical solution

– Parking garages
– Bridge decks
– Plaza decks
– Retaining walls

ArmorMembrane 363 is available as water-based or solvent-based products, and can be applied in a wide variety of building environments. The water-based ArmorMembrane 363 membrane is a green product which can be used toward LEED building credits.