Mar-flex Waterproofing Products

Dampproofing and Foundation Coating WB

Mar-flex Dampproofing Water Based

is a heavy-bodied asphalt emulsion protective coating used when dampproofing is required. It forms a smooth, tough, almost rubber-like film when dry. Mar-flex Dampproofing has moderately good resistance to temperature changes, is flexible at low temperatures, has excellent weatherability and resists water penetration. The durable film bonds to most clean, dry and firm surfaces. All surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry, sound; free from oil, grease, rust, scale, loose paint and dirt. Mar-flex Dampproofing is compatible with Mar-flex Drainage and Insulation Boards.

Mar-flex Dampproofing is recommended for dampproofing below-grade, vertical basement
walls of poured concrete or unit masonry construction. It serves as a vapor barrier on the
exterior face of the interior walls of above-grade exterior masonry cavity walls. It also excels as
a utility coating on posts, pilings and other metal surfaces set into the ground.

Application will depend on condition and porosity of surface to be coated. Dampproofing applications should be made at a rate of approximately 2 gallons/100 ft.2. This product should be applied as received. Keep container covered when not in use. Material should be spray applied with a suitable airless spray equipment. Application may also be accomplished manually with a brush or roller. See installation instructions for complete details.

Code Compliance
Mar-flex Dampproofing complies with ASTM D 1227-95, Type 2, Class 1 and ASTM D 1187, Type 1.


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    Product Details

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    Dampproofing Available In:

    • Waterbase-WB-BGD-36120 – 5 Gallon Bucket-Each – BGD-36125-55gal Drums/4 per Pallet
    • BGD-36123-330gal Tote – BGD-36129-6000gal Bulk


    Total Solids – WB-45-60%  Application Method – WB Spray, brush or roller  Elongation at 70 degrees F – 180% Application Range – WB-20-130 degrees F   Weight/Gallon – WB-6.8lbs  Total Cure Time – 24 hrs. Tensile Strength – 32 psi min Coverage Rate – 50 sqft./gal Spray and Board – 20 mil dry thickness Spray Only App. – 20 mil dry thickness

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