Fusion UV Ultraviolet Radiation Resistant Waterproofing Membrane

Fusion UV Water Based Waterproofing

  • Fusion UV Waterproofing Membrane
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Fusion UV™ is a 100% virgin polymer waterproofing membrane that can be applied to any exterior foundation wall. Its formulation sprays easily, producing a flexible, seamless seal that resists freeze-thaw cycles. Fusion UV™ is available in UV resistant gray.

An industry-leading warranty

Use the information below to select the system and warranty that best meets your poured wall waterproofing needs. Complete warranty and details available upon request.


  • Product Details

    Product Details

    Product Information

    Fusion UV Water Based Available In:

    • Part# – RWW-02-05 – 5 Gallon Bucket Each
    • Part# – RWW-02-55 – 55 Gallon Drum Each or 4/Pallet


    Total Solids – 59%
    Application Method – Spray, brush or roller
    Elongation at 70 degrees F – 1800% min
    Application Range – 50-130 Degrees F
    Weight/Gallon – 8.8 lbs./ 3.99 kg / Gal
    Total Cure Time – 24 hrs.
    Tensile Strength– 350 psi min
    Coverage Rate – 30 sqft/gal
    Spray and Board – 60 mil dry thickness
    Spray Only App. – 40 mil dry thickness

  • Warranty Details

    Warranty Details

    Level + Membrane + Board = Warranty
    Standard Fusion UV None *20 Years



    Fusion UV



    TopGun Board, GeoMat Plus or Drain & Dry



    *Limited Lifetime

    *Residential Poured Wall New Construction

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