ArmorDrain 150/150pf Drainage Mat

  • Geomat C 110 Drainage Board

All buildings are at risk for water damage. Drainage boards channel water away from a building’s foundation. Without drainage boards, water soaks into building walls and pools around its base. ArmorDrain 150/150pf Drainage Mat provides buildings with high-flow drainage protection at a lower price point. The board is formed by heating an impermeable polymeric sheet to create a dimpled drainage core. The core is then bonded to a single layer of non-woven filter fabric.

ArmorDrain 150/150pf Drainage Mat drains water through channels created by the dimpled core and protect a residence’s main waterproofing membrane from damaging soil and sediment. The fabric prevents rocks and dirt from entering the drainage channels. The result is a low cost, high-flow addition to a drainage system. The drainage board reduces hydrostatic pressure, quickly moves water away from foundations, and extends the life of waterproofing membranes. ArmorDrain 150/150pf Drainage Mat is easy to install, and can be fastened directly to concrete in prior to backfilling.

ArmorDrain 150/150pf Drainage Mat is .25″ thick and provides crucial protection at a low cost. Mar-flex provides products can meet any waterproofing and building need. If you are unsure what level of protection is right for you, please contact us.

ArmorDrain 150/150pf Drainage Mat is considered a green product, and can be used toward LEED building credits. With a compression strength of 15,000 psf.