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Quick Foam Broad Urethane

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Any crack in a structure should be quickly repaired with a high-quality product, but repairing actively leaking cracks is a task as important as it is difficult. Quick Foam Broad Urethane is a VOC compliant, hydrophobic polyurethane liquid designed to stop water infiltration or ex-filtration. Urethane Quick Foam has a 100 cps. The product is contained in a dual cartridge. One side is left empty, then filled with water. When the two sides mix, the product reacts within 30 seconds. The result is a closed cell-barrier that prevents water infiltration. Urethane Quick Foam Broad is best suited for actively leaking cracks that are 1/8″ or wider.

  • Product Details

    Product Details

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    IA-68120 – Quick Foam Broad Urethane

    • 6 (1:1 cartridges) /box
    • Mixing nozzle IA-68180
    • retaining nut IA-68210 recommended.
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