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How Much Does it Cost to Waterproof A Basement?

With a wide range of variables in any building project, no single article can answer exactly how much it costs to waterproof your basement in your home, office, or other building. That answer must come from a licensed waterproofing contractor or company who has examined your site and knows the specific dimensions and topography of… Read more »

How to Apply Crystalline Waterproofing

Crystalline waterproofing materials remain a terrific way to protect your basement walls from the damage that water does by penetrating and freezing in your foundation. In this process, crystalline waterproofing material is brushed onto basement walls. Here it penetrates the concrete cavities and forms a strong bond. This changes the porous concrete into a waterproof… Read more »

Liquid Waterproofing Products

Builders, contractors, homeowners and home repair enthusiasts know they have a range of options available when it comes to waterproofing. And while waterproofing in advance is always the best, by changing the landscape and providing physical paths for the water to take before it ever reaches your foundation, sometimes that option is not available. When… Read more »

Common Problems with Window Wells

Window wells are an important part of creating a livable basement. They allow daylight and fresh air into your basement, keeping it from being dark and dungeon-like. Additionally, they reduce the ways that water can get into your basement and damage your foundation and possessions. However, owning and maintaining a window well requires a little… Read more »

What Are The LEED Levels And What Do They Mean?

By now we are all familiar with the LEED certification for buildings. Designers, builders, and architects all strive together to earn the highest possible Leadership in Energy and Engineering Design ratings and brag about them to prospective investors. Press releases include the grades of new buildings, and tenants boast of their LEED scores as they… Read more »

Mar-Flex Supports Architects with AIA Certification Classes

Mar-Flex industry leading waterproofing designs and products have garnered a lot of well-deserved attention from builders and contractors around the United States. Our innovative and effective blends of recycled and new construction have helped countless projects reach the LEED certification they sought. And they have done this while providing top of class protection from water… Read more »

What Can QuickSeal Products Do For You?

Once upon a time in construction, a manager had to choose between the most effective solution for a location, and the solution that got the work done on time. That meant compromises that could shorten the effective life of the work, especially the waterproofing. However, now there is a solution that solves both problems at… Read more »

Planter Drains and their Uses

There is a growing trend in modern architecture that attempts to marry nature with construction. This seems a very easy and simple idea, but it is in fact very complex. You see, at the very heart of construction has long been a desire for that construction to be the opposite of nature. That is, it… Read more »

What is a bridge abutment? Or what is any sort of abutment?

If you are a contractor working with large earthworks, building roads, or transforming entire cities, the word abutment is not new to you. You understand the concept because you’ve built them, studied them, and you have seen what goes wrong when they are incorrectly done. But in fact, if you have ever built something with… Read more »