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What To Know About Your Home Foundation Before Asking A Professional For Help If you suspect that your home may be having foundation issues, it might be time to ask a professional for help. Before that, here are some things to know about your home foundation. Your home foundation can lead to several general issues throughout your house, including cracked walls, uneven door frames, windows pulling away… Read more »

What Can I Use A Trencher For?

A trencher can be a useful tool for your construction needs. Its basic purpose is to, as the name might suggest, dig trenches and move large areas of dirt. If you do not have the help or time to complete a large project, this machine might be the thing to help you complete it in… Read more »

What is Dimple Board for Wall Drainage?

When you are laying the foundation for a home, business, or other permanent structure, you need to take steps to make sure the foundation is dry and will stay that way for as long as possible. There are lots of ways to make sure that happens, including choosing your site wisely and using proper grading… Read more »

Different Types of Drainage Membranes

When planning any sort of construction project you want to consider carefully how you are going to manage water.  For most construction projects, water is at worst an enemy, and at best a problem that needs to be dealt with in order to ensure enjoyment and a long life for your project. One tool available… Read more »

What is Drain Core

For centuries, builders relied on a mix of tried and true tools to keep buildings and foundations free from water and the damage it does to structures over time. Gravity and porous materials like gravel were the long standing winning combination. And while gravity remains the undefeated champion in dealing with water – either causing… Read more »

Using a Crack Injection Gun for Waterproofing

There are many specialized tools that are used in every trade. Whether you are a fly fisher who needs a special vice to hold tiny lures as you wind them with line, or a construction worker manning the levers of a ten-story crane, your tools help you do a job that few can accomplish. This… Read more »

Mar-Flex Uses Trusted and Tested Bentonite Waterproofing Products

Waterproofing is hardly a new science. People have been working to waterproof structures as long as we have been living in them. However, the materials available today are much more advanced than those used in the past. Through innovative use of new compounds that preserve the best qualities of rubber and plastic, materials such as… Read more »

Mar-Flex: Dampproofing for Over 35 Years

The Mar-Flex company started over 35 years ago and has grown to become a leading waterproofing company in southern Ohio. We have a wide range of dampproofing products for your next building project. Whether you’re starting construction on a new building or editing an existing structure, Mar-Flex has the right products for any situation. We… Read more »

Sheet Membranes vs Liquid Membranes

Sheet membranes vs liquid membranes Frequently our technicians at Mar Flex find ourselves in discussions with customers, resellers,  designers, and specifiers. And a question that arises is whether sheet membranes or liquid membranes are better. This is a hard question to answer definitively, except to say, it depends a great deal on the situation. Sheet… Read more »

A Common Home Waterproofing System

Contractors often leave the work of waterproofing to companies that specialize in that work. This is because the application and selection of materials is so important, and keeping the home waterproof is a primary indication of a quality build. When the waterproofing experts show up, they work in the trench around the foundation. First they… Read more »