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Types of Mold That Indicate You Have a Leak or Crack

Basements, more than any other space, are known for their cold, moist, and undisturbed atmospheres. You might even find yourself greeted with the slightly sour smell of mildew buildup as you walk down the steps. Without the proper waterproofing and precautionary steps taken, moisture can easily build up in a building or house’s basement. After… Read more »

What is the World of Concrete Exposition?

The annual World of Concrete expo is back this year, and Mar-Flex will be joining hundreds of contractors, companies, and competitors in Las Vegas this June. And while this might not be an event that is on the tip of every American’s tongue, this gathering is an important milestone for those groups to make connections,… Read more »

What is a Polymer and Why is it Important?

Polymers are found in all aspects of life, whether you know it or not. They can assume all different textures and stiffnesses, from plastic water bottles to glass. You even carry polymers around with you on your body. Scientifically, a polymer is a material made from repeating macromolecules, and they can be either naturally occurring… Read more »

What is an Egress Well or Egress Window Well?

An egress well or egress window well is a specially designed window well that allows a person or animal to climb out of a basement window in an emergency. They are often required in homes where the basement is being used as living quarters. A window egress well allows a homeowner to count that window… Read more »

Waterproofing Membrane Suppliers

For your next residential, commercial, or industrial building project, you will want to pick the most reliable and trusted name to be your waterproofing membrane suppliers. You want Mar-Flex. Mar-Flex is the best solution for your waterproofing membranes, because they offer a full line of options that match your situation. While some suppliers might focus… Read more »

Damp Proofing Products

Everyone is familiar with the concept of waterproofing. With waterproofing you take something that would normally allow water to pass through it, and you change it in such a way that water can no longer come through. Some things you might waterproof are tents, shoes, a coat, or a basement. In some of these cases,… Read more »

Does Waterproofing a Basement Add Value?

Before starting any sort of project around the house there are a couple of questions every homeowner wants to ask themselves. The first question typically revolves around affordability relative to what will be gained from the Improvement. The average homeowner, for instance, cannot afford a huge spray water feature in their front yard that would… Read more »

Commercial Waterproofing Products: Waterproof Membranes

When gearing up for your next construction product, you will want to consider the wide range of commercial waterproofing products available to pick the perfect option for your project. While each of these products does what it was designed to do – keep out water and moisture – it is important to choose the right… Read more »

Why do so many contractors protect their foundations with ShockWave Drainage Board?

At Mar-Flex, we have been producing quality lines of waterproofing products for years. We occasionally get asked which are our favorite lines. And of course, to us, waterproofing products are like our children, and we love them all equally. But for the most common applications, we find our technicians and our customers turning time and… Read more »