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Mar-Flex Supports Architects with AIA Certification Classes

Mar-Flex industry leading waterproofing designs and products have garnered a lot of well-deserved attention from builders and contractors around the United States. Our innovative and effective blends of recycled and new construction have helped countless projects reach the LEED certification they sought. And they have done this while providing top of class protection from water… Read more »

What Can QuickSeal Products Do For You?

Once upon a time in construction, a manager had to choose between the most effective solution for a location, and the solution that got the work done on time. That meant compromises that could shorten the effective life of the work, especially the waterproofing. However, now there is a solution that solves both problems at… Read more »

Planter Drains and their Uses

There is a growing trend in modern architecture that attempts to marry nature with construction. This seems a very easy and simple idea, but it is in fact very complex. You see, at the very heart of construction has long been a desire for that construction to be the opposite of nature. That is, it… Read more »

What is a bridge abutment? Or what is any sort of abutment?

If you are a contractor working with large earthworks, building roads, or transforming entire cities, the word abutment is not new to you. You understand the concept because you’ve built them, studied them, and you have seen what goes wrong when they are incorrectly done. But in fact, if you have ever built something with… Read more »

Types of Mold That Indicate You Have a Leak or Crack

Basements, more than any other space, are known for their cold, moist, and undisturbed atmospheres. You might even find yourself greeted with the slightly sour smell of mildew buildup as you walk down the steps. Without the proper waterproofing and precautionary steps taken, moisture can easily build up in a building or house’s basement. After… Read more »

What is the World of Concrete Exposition?

The annual World of Concrete expo is back this year, and Mar-Flex will be joining hundreds of contractors, companies, and competitors in Las Vegas this June. And while this might not be an event that is on the tip of every American’s tongue, this gathering is an important milestone for those groups to make connections,… Read more »

What is a Polymer and Why is it Important?

Polymers are found in all aspects of life, whether you know it or not. They can assume all different textures and stiffnesses, from plastic water bottles to glass. You even carry polymers around with you on your body. Scientifically, a polymer is a material made from repeating macromolecules, and they can be either naturally occurring… Read more »

What is an Egress Well or Egress Window Well?

An egress well or egress window well is a specially designed window well that allows a person or animal to climb out of a basement window in an emergency. They are often required in homes where the basement is being used as living quarters. A window egress well allows a homeowner to count that window… Read more »

Waterproofing Membrane Suppliers

For your next residential, commercial, or industrial building project, you will want to pick the most reliable and trusted name to be your waterproofing membrane suppliers. You want Mar-Flex. Mar-Flex is the best solution for your waterproofing membranes, because they offer a full line of options that match your situation. While some suppliers might focus… Read more »