TopGun Drainage Board: A Game Changer in Waterproofing and Construction

When it comes to construction, waterproofing, and masonry work, the choice of materials plays a significant role in determining the durability and effectiveness of your project. One product that has consistently met and surpassed expectations is the TopGun Drainage Board, a semi-rigid board made from a blend of 70% recycled synthetic fibers. Here, we delve into why the TopGun Drainage Board should be your go-to choice for your next construction project.

Understanding the TopGun Drainage Board

TopGun Drainage Board is a platinum-level waterproofing solution that brings together the benefits of thermal insulation, effective water drainage, and superior protection. Its unique design not only facilitates effective water drainage but also retains the board’s R-Value, making it compliant with insulation building codes.

The TopGun Board is designed for installation from the footing to the sill plate, addressing a significant energy consumption source – the conditioned but un-insulated basement and lower levels of a building. Furthermore, it serves as a drainage medium, guiding ground moisture away from the structure’s foundation and into the building’s drain tile system.

When used alongside the Mar-flex waterproofing membrane, the TopGun Board offers unparalleled protection, especially during backfilling and other construction activities. Plus, when paired with the TopGun Membrane, it’s the only drainage board on the market that provides a residential lifetime warranty.

The Unmatched Benefits of TopGun Drainage Board

Available in thermal values/thickness of R-3 (0.75” thick), R-5 (1.1875” thick), R-10 (2.375” thick), and R-15 (3.5” thick), TopGun Drainage Board caters to the needs of builders, energy-conscious homebuyers, and local building codes alike. It integrates a high R-value, excellent drainage, and protection into one product.

Unlike most fiberglass products, the TopGun Drainage Board is easy to handle and install, without causing irritation. It’s suited for use in any geographical area, making it a versatile choice for various construction, waterproofing, and masonry projects.

TopGun Drainage Board is a testament to sustainable construction practices, boasting a composition of 70% recycled synthetic fibers. Its innovative design guarantees protection and efficient water drainage while maintaining the board’s insulation properties.

Choose TopGun Drainage Board for Your Next Project

With a myriad of features and the credibility of meeting or even exceeding insulation building codes, TopGun Drainage Board is a remarkable investment for your construction project. Its lifetime warranty when used with the TopGun waterproofing membranes offers you peace of mind, knowing you’re opting for a quality, long-lasting solution.

As we move towards a more energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious future, the TopGun Drainage Board stands out as a prime choice for sustainable and effective construction. Choose TopGun for your next project, and experience the difference that a superior drainage board can make.