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Contractors: Improve your HomeAdvisor rating

As a contractor, you have a lot of responsibilities. Multiple employees, shifting timelines, various projects, and all of them can get derailed by an act of nature or other events out of your control. This was especially true during the pandemic and upheaval at the USPS, which cost American businesses billions of dollars collectively. And… Read more »

Contractors: Improve Your BBB Rating

It happens to every business eventually. A project goes sideways. The fates align in the worst possible way – late items, a key worker quits, an expensive unforeseen complication was revealed behind a wall. Your  client or customer was unhappy and took it to the BBB or worse – social media. And you’re worried about… Read more »

Contractors: How to Defend Yourself on Social Media

Social media is a mixed bag. It can provide endless hours of entertainment – or mind-numbing nonsense, depending on your perspective. It can also be a great place for a product to become a huge sales success, like the company that saw a 300% increase in web traffic and lines out the door following a… Read more »

Useful Resources for Contractors

Sometimes it might seem hard to have conversations and get information as a contractor. You can feel like you are an island of one. You are constantly dealing with client demands, employee expectations, unexpected changes and ordering complications. So it is good to learn that there are plenty of places where contractors can talk –… Read more »

Why Contractors Prefer Poured Walls Over Cinder Block

For years, the most common type of building foundation was cinder blocks, especially for houses and smaller structures. This is because cinder blocks have some advantages for these applications. However, poured walls have become more prevalent for a variety of reasons. Below are the advantages of each, and why more and more contractors are choosing… Read more »

Find Your Next General Contractor

When it is time to expand or rebuild your business, you want to be sure that you are getting the best help money can buy. This means carefully vetting everyone who will be working with you to make your next step successful for the years to come. This means looking closely at your general contractor… Read more »

How To Ensure Quality While Building Commercial Construction Projects

Whether your next construction project is your first or one in a long series of successful projects, you want to make sure that you have the best contractors using the best materials. You know that the cost and the quality are both variables, and they are related to each other (though not exactly the same… Read more »

4 Signs You’re About to Hire the Wrong Contractor

Hiring a contractor is an important and risky time for your project and your company. You need to make sure that you’re getting a quality contractor so everything goes according to plan in your final project matches your expectations. On the internet, every contractor can look the same. So how do you know you’re about… Read more »

Why Large Contractors Prefer ArmorSheet Waterproofing Products

Contracting work is among the most demanding professions. You are expected to be an expert on hundreds of topics, stay on top of changing laws at local, state, and federal levels, hire people, and manage details small and large. It all comes at you fast, and you are always looking for ways to slow it… Read more »

When Your New Employee Doesn’t Speak Your Language

Being a contractor means meeting deadlines and producing high quality work under some of the hardest imaginable conditions. One common issue, especially in this era of unprecedented low unemployment, is finding enough workers to meet demands and deadlines. Across the country this increasingly means hiring workers in a very short time frame, or even day… Read more »