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RhinoWells – Your Life May Depend On It

RhinoWells is Mar-flex’s answer to the egress issues of habitable basement spaces. Beyond allowing more natural light and fresh air into your basement than regular basement windows, RhinoWells provide a means of ingress or egress in the event of emergency. RhinoWells features built-in steps molded from the same heat-resistant highly durable plastics that the window… Read more »

Saving You Time and Money – The New Mar-flex Website

Saving You Time and Money Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products is firmly committed to the advancement of waterproofing and the manufacture of quality materials that are unsurpassed in the marketplace. To this end, Mar-flex has introduced a new, easier to navigate web site design that caters to architects, specifiers, and contractors – focusing on the… Read more »

Concrete Control Joints – Protecting Your Structure

Random shrinkage cracks are cracks that appear in concrete because of volume changes. These cracks weaken your structure, and allow for the penetration of moisture, leading to mold and mildew propagation. Concrete is much like any other construction material, it expands and contracts with moisture and temperature changes. These changes will inevitably produce cracks unless… Read more »

Mar-flex Makes for Proper Drainage

Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products is the leading innovator in the waterproofing industry, with the first “Green” product line, and the most reliable and effective solutions available. Mar-flex products work in conjunction to form a complete systems approach to waterproofing. This system is composed of three Mar-flex products, the drainage or insulation board, a waterproofing… Read more »

Innovative Brick Waterproofing

When building brick structures, its paramount to apply a sealant and waterproof. This is because, over the course of a home’s existence, bricks stain and wear down. This allows insects and vegetation into the structure, and damages the bricks themselves. Applying a Mar-flex sealant to bricks provides a protective coating which prevents dirt and stains… Read more »

Mar-flex Fusion – An Incredible Innovation

Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products is the leading innovator in the waterproofing marketplace. Our award winning products are popular nationwide and our customers love the quality customer service from our cross trained professionals. To this end, Mar-flex has developed Fusion UV. Fusion UV is a 100% virgin polymer waterproofing membrane that can be applied to… Read more »

Rhinowells – Egress Solutions

Did you know that you can use your basement for much more than simple storage? Every basement can be turned into a living space, giving your family more room and adding to the value of your home. The most important part of any habitable basement environment is an egress solution. Mar-flex manufactures the best in… Read more »

Egress Windows by Mar-flex

Mar-flex offers the best in egress window solutions. Our wells are made to never rust or dent, because they are made of industrial plastics. They even have several functions beyond being an effective basement window. For instance, our window wells allow more fresh air and natural light into the area than typical basement windows, and… Read more »

362 Mastic – The Next Innovation

Mar-flex’s 362 Mastic – All Season is the most versatile heavy bodied trowel grade coating available. This product is excellent for patching tie holes, filling in honeycombed areas in both rough and smooth masonry surfaces, and surface flaws. 362 Mastic remains flexible during freeze/thaw cycles, and can be applied during any season. The product comes… Read more »

Mar-flex Live Help

Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products is the leading manufacturer of quality and reliable solutions to keep moisture out of your home. Our products are considered some of the most effective in the market, and we offer a wide range of solutions to fit any application. Mar-flex is also known for a commitment to customer service…. Read more »