Armor for Your Basement

Every day, hidden from view, your foundation is doing battle. It is fighting the hidden forces of water, pressure, and time.

If you were a general, you would not send your troops into battle without equipping them with sufficient armor to protect them. Why would you do that to your foundation?

At Mar-Flex, we know the forces your foundation is up against. And, more importantly, we know the right equipment and materials to use to help your foundation win the battle every time.

With our Armor series of waterproofing resources, you can be sure that your basement and foundation remain dry.

Armor Air Barrier

The Mar-flex ArmorAir Barrier permeable air barrier system is designed to stop air infiltration and exfiltration in the building envelope. It also allows the transmission of water vapor, preventing condensation in the wall assembly.

ArmorFlash Transition Strips

Transition strips create impermeable barriers which protect vulnerable areas like joints, edges, and corners between barrier materials from the water.

Armor Foundation Membranes

Water-based and solvent-based membranes help keep your foundation protected from both dampness in the ground and from running or standing water against your foundation. Pick from a range of options to fit your needs to your solution.

ArmorClay Bentonite

Bentonite clay expands when wet, absorbing several times its weight in water and makes for a very stable, below-grade solution. The Mar-Flex Bentonite clay membrane uses nature’s own waterproofing techniques against it, protecting your project from damage.

Armor drainage board and tile

With a wide range of drainage board and tile options, Mar-Flex offers your project increasing damp-proofing and waterproofing options. Additionally, our products might help you achieve your desired LEED status.

Look through the options and talk with one of our knowledgeable staff members today.

When you are at war with water, you want to make sure you have taken every possible precaution in order to triumph. The Mar-Flex Armor Series of solutions can help make that happen. With solutions that undergird, surround, and line your building project, you can be sure to create a dry, sound foundation that lasts for years to come.

You can trust that with our expert installers and full warranty, we will not only do the work, but we will also stand behind it. That is the level of service and commitment to quality you can trust.