Waterproofing Membrane Suppliers

For your next residential, commercial, or industrial building project, you will want to pick the most reliable and trusted name to be your waterproofing membrane suppliers.

You want Mar-Flex.

Mar-Flex is the best solution for your waterproofing membranes, because they offer a full line of options that match your situation.

While some suppliers might focus on one big brand name, and push that down your throat as a consumer, Mar-Flex knows that what you really want is the right fit for your project, not the right fit for what the company wants to sell.

Better yet, their wide range of options can fit your budget, and your LEED goals as well.

Waterproofing membrane options let you choose

Mar-Flex waterproofing membrane options let you customize your purchase to your situation.

Perhaps you have heard about the superior affordability and durability of the Armor and Armorair series of waterproofing solutions? Mar-Flex expert installers are trained and experienced in working with these trusted brand names in the most demanding work environments. You can trust their craftsmanship and can’t beat their overall economical impact on the project.

The Armor line offers you a complete range of options to waterproof your next project, with a lifetime warranty.

Perhaps you value the combination of using recycled materials and a lifetime warranty. The Mar-Flex 5000 option meets LEED certification qualifications and comes with up to 60 years of protection for your residential project. This cost-effective and effectively lifetime solution is surprisingly affordable compared with multiple treatments of an inferior product.

Our GeoMat waterproofing membrane offers an even higher LEED certification than the Mar-Flex 5000, for the demanding client who expects both a lifetime warranty and the smallest potential ecological footprint. Two variations of the GeoMat roll are designed to work either under ordinary circumstances, or in situations where hydrostatic pressure can present problems.

As always the choice is yours, based on the circumstances of your building needs.

Finally, Mar-Flex’s exclusive Shockwave drainage boards are made of 100% recycled materials. They are designed to the highest LEED levels for the most demanding clients, while not compromising on quality. This durable and compression-proof solution is designed to provide an impenetrable underground barrier between water and your wall, to offer a lifetime of protection.

Whatever your waterproofing membrane needs, LEED goals, and budget are, Mar-Flex offers solutions to match your particular situation. Contact our experts today to discuss your project, and rest assured you have made the right choice by calling Mar-Flex.