What Can QuickSeal Products Do For You?

Once upon a time in construction, a manager had to choose between the most effective solution for a location, and the solution that got the work done on time. That meant compromises that could shorten the effective life of the work, especially the waterproofing.

However, now there is a solution that solves both problems at once. The QuickSeal waterproofing products offered by Mar-Flex are designed to be effective while also being easy to use and apply.

QuickSeal waterproofing membrane

QuickSeal waterproofing membrane is the simplest solution to starting the process of waterproofing your next construction project. This membrane, in emulsion or liquid form, can be applied with great confidence over any clean, dry substrate down to 0 degrees fahrenheit. With multiple application options in a wide range of effective temperatures, QuickSeal waterproofing membrane is the ideal solution for year-round construction.

QuickSeal waterproofing is available in the size you need

Many companies like to choose one product that can meet all their needs, to simplify ordering and issues related to inventory. Keeping the right items in stock is easy when you need fewer items!

To save you time and energy, QuickSeal WB (water based) comes in multiple sizes to meet your needs. You can order 55 gallon drums, which can come in pallets of 4 for a total of 220 gallons.

Additionally, we offer a 330 gallon tote, or our largest, the 6000 gallon bulk order.

The QuickSeal SB (solvent-based) solution has fewer options, but still offers enough variety to meet your next project’s needs.

You can order 55 gallon drums of QuickSeal SB, which can come in pallets of 4 for a total of 220 gallons.

The largest option, for your biggest construction needs, is the 6000 gallon bulk order.

ICC Approved

The QuickSeal solutions, both water based and solvent based, come with the ICC approval.

The ICC is an international ratings agency that has been certified to determine whether a product meets international specifications for a wide range of indicators. In the case of QuickSeal products, the ICC certifies that it meets a wide range of International Building Code expectations, International Residential Code expectations, and the Abu Dhabi International Building Code.

You can be confident that your QuickSeal purchase helps keep you and your project protected today and for years to come.