Twip of the Day – Mold Prevention

Damp basements, while dangerous to possessions and the structure itself, can also be dangerous to personal health. One of the problems of a damp basement is the propagation of mold. Mold causes asthma, allergies, congestion, and infection. To prevent this problem from harming anyone in your household, simple steps can be taken. High levels of humidity is a perfect environment for spreading mold, so using a dehumidifier may help this issue. Keeping basements free of clutter allows maximum ventilation of air, and reduces congestion. Mold propagates in dark environments, and can easily grow on objects blocking the free flow of air, such as clothing. Standing water in basements also causes mold, so make sure to clean up any leaks or spills expeditiously.

Mar-flex At the Trade Show

CEO of Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products Brett Oakley arrived at the National Hardware Show with just one thing on his mind. Oakley is trying to generate revenue in a down economy for his Middletown, Ohio company. He noticed one thing upon arriving at the show this week, the amount of international companies bringing products. “International governments, like China and India are buying booth space by the hundreds at this year’s show,” Oakley remarked. “It is nearly impossible to compete with a government.” Oakley hopes his quality products, such as the only 100% recycled drainage board in the marketplace, will outweigh the other companies clout.

The United States utilizes a primarily free economy, therefore companies like Mar-flex don’t get financial help selling American made products, even though the governments of China and India are pouring resources into their companies’ showings. “It isn’t difficult to compete with international companies, but when they are supported by the resources of their national governments, it is nearly impossible to be seen out there.” If the United States hopes to recover from its economic condition, a prudent action would be the support of American made products, thus contributing to job creation, decreasing unemployment, and increasing tax revenue.

Oakley is hopeful, with a smile and a sales “sense” that has led him this far in life, he’s making his own showing at booth 4948 at the trade show. “Our products are not only American made, but advance the science of waterproofing. We are constantly researching and developing more effective and productive methods.” So far, the show has only barely begun, but Oakley has been swamped by interested patrons, including international companies, such as Canada’s own “Home Hardware Stores Limited”.

Twip of the Day – Basement Tips II

When water is leaking into your basement, do you know where all of it came from? Water pipes often leak water, causing moisture to enter your basement. Cold water pipes should be insulated so that this problem can be avoided, and also to ensure that there are no problems or leaks in the plumbing.

Laundry rooms are also common in basements. Ensure that your washer and dryer are properly connected, and that the dryer vents air outdoors. Washers often leak, so confirm there are no leaks from it as well.

Often the cause of moisture in a basement may not be from the outside but rather through condensation and household appliances. Always be sure why and where moisture in your basement is permeating from.

LandScapes is perfect for your landscape

As Mar-flex Waterproofing & Building Products unpacks their gear at this year’s National Hardware Show in Las Vegas CEO and founder Brett Oakley can hardly wait to showcase some of our amazing products. Among this year’s offerings is the patented LandScapes Window Well and it’s being offered to lumber suppliers for the very first time at this years show. LandScapes is the first manufactured well made from polyethylene with a maintenance free bottom and drain. The amazing technology is as beautiful for your home’s landscape as it is practical. The LandScapes Window Well is a maintenance free product that’s both easy to install and the perfect compliment to any home. If you’re in Vegas for the show be sure to stop by booth 4948 to take advantage of our exclusive LandScapes Spring Break and save 20% off each skid. Stop by our booth and ask for your PIN.

Twip of the Day – Basement Windows

Have your basement windows been leaking? Adding a window well solution can improve protection against water damage and seepage from the outside. Windows which are installed below grade, or partially below grade can act like cisterns during heavy storms, allowing water to seep in around frames and below windows. This can quickly flood a basement. Any window below grade or partially below grade needs to be protected by plastic window wells, this prevents rusting or denting. Any window well chosen to protect your basement should also come with a drain, to protect your investment, and should be filled with gravel or another material to permit good drainage. Many window wells also come with covers to protect the well itself, and add extra protection against water seepage. Mar-Flex offers several window well solutions, including drain kits, allowing for ease of installation and durability far into the future.

Mar-Flex Has Arrived At the National Hardware Show

The National Hardware Show is a widely popular convention held annually by Reed Exhibitions in Las Vegas. It is a housing after-market show whose goal is to bring together manufacturers and resellers of products used to remodel, repair, maintain, and decorate homes and gardens. This year, the show is featuring over 150 different product categories, making for a comprehensive showing.

Mar-Flex will be attending the show, find us at booth 4948. We’ll be featuring the Landscape No-Maintenance Window Wells™ for a special convention-only savings. These window wells don’t rust or dent like metal window wells, they install easily with no extra specialty hardware required, and include a drain kit, to protect your basement. Also featured at this year’s show is the Single Use Concrete Repair Kit, one of the most popular do-it-yourself concrete repair solutions in the industry. Geo-Mat Plus, a landmark drainage board built from 100% post-consumer recycled content, is also featured this year, as well as the Fusion UV waterproofing membrane, setting industry standards for quality and durability. Mar-Flex will also be showing the SurfiSeal Concrete and Brick Sealer, which is a ready-to-use water-based emulsion of siloxane that penetrates into concrete or masonry to provide long term weatherproofing protection at excellent value.

Visit us at booth 4948 to view some of our prestigious offerings.


Spring Landscape Cleaning Could Prevent Basement Moisture

Springtime in this hemisphere means new growth, beautiful flowers and all of the benefits that you enjoy from working so hard on your landscaping throughout the year. But did you know that your landscaping could be a potential cause for leaks and dampness in your basement?

Shrubbery, bushes and other plantings around your foundation can cause problems with ventilation for both the soil and foundation walls. An easy fix for the potential problem is quite simple. Be sure this time of year to trim heavy growth back so that the soil around your foundation gets the proper sunlight and therefore provides for quicker soil dry time after Spring rains. When digging up old plants or prepping for new annuals be sure to clear away any building debris including pieces of masonry, mortar or other building products oft times buried near the house during the original excavation process.


Vortex, a One Stop Solution to Foundation Airflow Problems

Mar-Flex Waterproofing and Building Products presents the Vortex™ telescopic vent system. Today’s homeowner may not know how much energy they are losing in the winter by having the old one-size-fits all solutions of the past. Mar-Flex has made it easy by introducing a new telescopic vent system. The Vortex™comes in two sizes, the first for five, six, or seven inch foundation wall openings, and the second for eight, nine, and ten inch foundation openings. Mar-Flex has placed a revolutionary new turnbuckle adjuster to each side of the vent, allowing for ease of installation, while simultaneously reducing inventory and storage headaches. There’s no longer a need to keep dozens of odd-sized vents around. Vortex™adjusts to the inch allocations of each model. It is also one of the only vent systems with variable air flow control to let homeowners manually adjust their air flow as needed. This saves on energy costs, allowing the homeowner to close off the vents in the winter, or as needed. When air circulation is a priority in the home, choose a vent system that not only the customer can control, but also allows for ease of installation, like the Vortex™ vent system.


Twip of the Day – Gutters and Downspouts

Problem: Defective, clogged, or nonexistent gutters and downspouts allow roof water to form puddles, or wet the soil near or against basement walls, and enter through cracks or openings in the masonry.

Solution: Install gutters and wherever needed. Keep them free of debris. Where leaves and twigs from nearby trees may collect in a gutter, install a basket-shaped wire strainer over the downspout outlet or place screening across the length of the gutter. Repair gutters and downspouts as soon as the need appears.

To prevent concentration of water at the point of discharge, use a concrete gutter or splash block to carry the water away at a slope of one inch per foot. Also, consider extending downspouts from rain gutters away from the outside foundation. Roof water can also be piped underground to a storm drain, dry well, or surface outlet, fifteen feet or more from the house.