ShockWave™ A Revolutionary Waterproofing Solution

Mar-Flex Waterproofing and Building Products presents the ShockWave™ drainage board. ShockWave™ is made from inert, environmentally-friendly, recycled foam products, and helps to qualify for LEED® credits. This drainage board is designed for performance, able to absorb up to 101.11 gallons per hour per lineal foot of groundwater, which eliminates the possibility of hydrostatic pressure. ShockWave™ is designed for heavy-clay soil, clay, or rock soil environments where drainage conditions are extreme, and its closed cell, cross-linked foam resists water absorption to prevent thermal transfer of below-grade ground temperature. This landmark drainage board is built durable as well, able to withstand up to 283.72 psi of compressive strength, and its crush-resistant memory (CRM) acts a shock absorber so backfill doesn’t allow debris to harm the waterproofing membrane. ShockWave™ is the winner of the 2007 “Expert’s Choice” award for most innovative product at the World of Concrete. This award-winning drainage board, built for performance, quality, and durability is the choice for any customer who needs guaranteed and proven protection as shown on many custom-built residential, multi-family, and commercial buildings nationwide.


Mar-flex Top In Country

Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products is proud to reveal that they have reached the top 4% of American-made manufacturing. In this current economic climate, many companies are focusing on cutting proprietary costs by outsourcing labor to cheaper markets. Mar-flex has always maintained the commitment to American made products, whether it be in design or in manufacturing.

President and owner Brett Oakley holds the belief that the solution to the current economic downturn is to focus on national manufacturing, and has been committed to that end since 1987. “Even though we could save costs all around by outsourcing our manufacturing, we still remain in the top of our industry despite this.” Oakley is unveiling a new line of products made from at least 25% recycled materials, all to be ready by 2012. The company is innovating their way into the future, and plans on persevering by focusing on sustainable and “green” solutions for the entire industry.

LiteFUSION™, The Mar-flex Way

LiteFUSION™ is Mar-flex’s answer to your budget waterproofing needs. LiteFUSION™ is an economical water-based acrylic waterproofing membrane, which is more effective than standard dampproofing membranes in that, it is designed to stop water infiltration and is extremely effective when applied to a foundation. LiteFUSION™sprays-on easily, and dries into a seamless, monolithic coating that turns gray when dried completely, to blend with concrete. It is designed for water proofing pre-cast, poured, and masonry foundation walls, and has no odors. LiteFUSION™ also has the ability to bridge cracks that might later develop in a foundation, as well as protecting from moisture. When you need a waterproofing membrane that is economical, durable, and effective, look no further than the LiteFUSION™ membrane, which is also compatible with any Mar-flex drainage and insulation board. Our company continues to innovate and advance the science of waterproofing, taking steps to guarantee affordability and quality.

Mar-flex Presents DampFUSION™

DampFUSION™ is a water-based acrylic damp proofing membrane, designed for durability and reliability. This product is approved for masonry, block, pre-cast, and poured concrete wall foundations, making it extremely versatile. DampFUSION™ is one of the most effective spray-on membranes in the industry, stopping leaks and the transmission of water vapor. The membrane dries as a seamless, monolithic, and gray coating to blend in with concrete, this is the only membrane in the marketplace to do so. It can be applied to pre-existing damp walls and the top of foundation walls. When you need a durable, reliable, and effective membrane choose the industry leading DampFUSION™ spray on membrane.

Radon, A Little Known Danger

Radon, in gaseous form, as well as its heavy decay products such as polonium and bismuth, collect on dust particles in the air, and are dangerous to human health. These forms of radon, when inhaled, stick to the delicate cells lining the passageways leading into the lungs, causing incidences of lung cancer, as well as general tumor growth in the lungs and respiratory tract. Radon leaks up from underneath foundations and poured concrete, causing occupants in your home to breathe this dangerous element. To protect against this, Mar-flex is introducing a brand new innovation in sealant products, the UltriSeal Radon Block. UltriSeal is a highly efficient sealant that, when applied, protects against radon gas exposure as well as many other harmful chemicals which can seep into your home environment. UltriSeal can be applied to any concrete surface, including concrete walls and driveways. Check out this comprehensive sealant, Mar-flex’s newest innovation in the science of waterproofing.


Twip of the Day – More Basement Tips

Wet basements, even after cleaning up, can carry a musty odor for months. If proper ventilation does not remove this odor, fill a gallon bucket of water and add 3/4 cup bleach for every gallon of water. Mop over the basement area, using this solution and let sit for five minutes, then rinse and allow to dry. Make sure to open windows after applying bleach to the floors, proper ventilation is imperative. A neat trick is to grab a piece of dried charcoal and place it in a tin or metal container, leaving the container open. This piece of charcoal will absorb many odors in the air. For more basement tips, or help with your basement problems, visit us at

Crack Injection, a Great Fix

Its inevitable that a structure will settle, or even suffer overload, causing cracks to form in concrete walls and the foundation of the structure. These cracks can become costly structural repairs if not expediently resolved. Crack injection has been an accepted method of repairing these cracks, because of its cost-effectiveness, reliability, and permanence. Injecting cracks allows the structure to still settle, while the injection solution binds the concrete wall back together and forms a protective barrier against moisture penetration and further cracking. Mar-Flex offers a ProKit crack injection kit that has all the tools necessary to stop these cracks before they become a major, and extremely expensive, problem. ProKit is easy to use, with instructional videos included, it is perfect for the DIY expert in your home, but is also effective enough to make the perfect injection method for contractors and other professionals.

Twip of the Day – Ensuring Protection

In recent “Twip of the Day”s we’ve talked about identifying the source of moisture in your basement, as well as a few quick ways to fix it. Today, we’ll introduce you to one of the easiest ways to keep moisture from penetrating your foundation walls once the original leak is repaired. Applying waterproofing masonry paint will help stop any future seepages, and its easy to apply. Muriatic acid should be used to remove any salt deposits so the paint bonds better to the basement/foundation wall. When using muriatic acid, make sure to wear rubber gloves and have proper ventilation as well as proper eye protection. After the salt deposits are removed, apply the masonry paint using a stiff bristled paintbrush to allow the first coat to work into the pores of the masonry, and apply the second coat with a roller to assure effective waterproofing. This is a simple solution that can be done on your own, and is cost effective.

Twip of the Day – Common Problems

If you’re noticing leaks or even seepage into your basement, there are ways to solve the problem. There are three main causes for water seepage. These include poor original workmanship, houses settling and causing cracks in the foundation, and water pressure from outside the foundation building up and forcing itself through foundation walls. These leaks are easy to detect, most of the time originating from the damage, such as cracks.

Mar-flex offers several concrete repair solutions, from the affordable Concrete Crack Repair Kit, to the ProKit, meant for professionals. With these kits, fixing cracks and foundation damage is simple and accessible.

Last Day of the Show

With Thursday May 12 being the last day of the National Hardware Show, presentations are wrapping up, luncheons are closing, and talks of business are replaced by jovial conversation. Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products made a very productive showing this year, attracting clientele and making deals with companies worldwide. CEO Brett Oakley, “the atmosphere has been very positive here. Everyone is having a great time.” When Oakley was asked how the show is going he replied, “we’ve met many different representatives from companies worldwide, its been a great year. We couldn’t have done so well without the help of several tools including Twitter, which has brought many people to our booth.” Oakley is offering several innovative, and interesting products.

This year’s product spotlight was the LandScapes No Maintenance Window Wells, featuring a special show-only discount, the product has been very popular, attracting the attention of hardware stores, builders, and architects alike. The special is still going on until the end of the show. Other products featured include the accessible and simple to use Concrete Crack Repair Kit, the landmark Geo-Mat Plus recycled drainage board, top-rated and industry leading Fusion UV Water-based membrane, and Surfiseal, which is a durable and efficient brick and concrete sealant. All of the products are still available until the end of show, so stop by booth 4948 to see what everyone is talking about.