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What is “Relative” Humidity?

We have all heard the term relative humidity before. We know that it means something about how much water vapor is in the air. And we know that relative humidity is important especially inside a building where we want to keep mold and other contaminants to a minimum. But what is “relative” humidity, exactly? What… Read more »

What is A Raft Foundation?

Builders employ a wide range of methods to keep their foundation safe. Experienced construction designers know that a dry foundation is necessary for creating a building that will be problem-free for generations. There are lots of ways to achieve the goal of keeping your foundation dry. A rare but effective method of building a foundation… Read more »

Keep Your Employees Safe with PPE

There is no doubt that this era of COVID and quarantine has raised the bar for the expectation of employee safety. Where previously employers had a responsibility to keep their workers safe from those on-site dangers that could be seen and anticipated, suddenly they had a new enemy. Our employees and our productivity are now… Read more »

How to Waterproof Concrete Foundations

Waterproofing a concrete foundation is a job best left to professionals, or to be attempted only by the most confident and accomplished do-it-yourselfer. If you are in this second category, this guide can help you understand what you are up against and make the decision to do it or to hire the work out to… Read more »

2020 Waterproofing Basement Costs

Some things change, and in 2020 that seems more true than ever. One thing that hasn’t changed is the need to keep your basement dry. While you can always clean up after flooding and drainage issues, it is far better to avoid them in the first place. But as a homeowner you will want to… Read more »

Do-It-Yourself Basement Waterproof Sealer

One of a homeowner’s top fears is water or moisture in their basement. In some cases this can mean a messy, expensive, and time-consuming repair. The most comprehensive solutions involve the exterior of the house, trench-digging, and days of ugliness and inconvenience until the problem is solved. Fortunately that isn’t always the case.  Sometimes the… Read more »

What is Shockwave Drainage Insulation Board?

The most important part of any building is its foundation. and the greatest enemy of any foundation is water. Thus, waterproofing, and finding the right materials to quickly and effectively waterproof the foundation of a building, is an integral part of every building project. At Mar-Flex we believe ShockWave drainage insulation board is the fastest,… Read more »

What is Polyethylene Foam?

In researching the best waterproofing materials for your building purposes, you likely have come across the term “polyethylene foam” and wondered what exactly it is. Polyethylene foam, or PE, is a common material in a wide variety of waterproofing and other building applications. Because of its unique structure and ease of production, it can be… Read more »

What is “Made in the USA” and Why Does it Matter?

Once upon a time, consumers expected that everything they purchased was made close to them or certainly in the same country. Today, however, this has changed. International trade, inexpensive foreign labor, and varying levels of technical knowledge means that any product we buy might have been made almost anywhere in the world. Quite frequently when… Read more »

Experts are Torn on Future of Construction

The United States is experiencing a boom in construction during COVID-19. There is widespread agreement, support not just by data, but by the sight of cranes in our city skylines and dump trucks on our streets. The potent mix of record-low interest rates along with a housing boom driven by people moving from cities to… Read more »