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Experts are Torn on Future of Construction

The United States is experiencing a boom in construction during COVID-19. There is widespread agreement, support not just by data, but by the sight of cranes in our city skylines and dump trucks on our streets. The potent mix of record-low interest rates along with a housing boom driven by people moving from cities to… Read more »

What are Geo-Mat Drainage Boards

If you are looking for ways to reduce moisture in your upcoming building project, you likely have spent a great deal of time reading about different products that promise to help your foundation stay dry. In that research, you may have come across Geo-Mat Drainage Boards as the optimal tool for helping protect your foundation…. Read more »

How a Company Protects Its Employees During COVID-19

Coronavirus has dramatically changed nearly every aspect of life around the globe. In the workplace, employers have made dozens of changes big and small in order to safeguard their most valuable resource: their employees. Companies have also come to realize that opening safely, and protecting customers, is good business. Here are the steps many companies… Read more »

What is LEED Certification?

It is likely that you have heard of LEED certification. You probably have heard it in association with the construction of a new building, or a redesign of an old one. You know that it means that the building meets some requirements for sustainability or “green” construction. But what exactly is LEED? LEED stands for… Read more »

What Does it Cost to Waterproof a Basement?

More than half of American homes with basements have some amount of moisture in their basements. Understandably, these homeowners are looking for economic solutions to a problem that can cause property damage, the loss of belongings, and health concerns. And selling a home with a wet basement, even in a hot market, can be a… Read more »

Weather Resistant Sheeting

A study of claims on home insurance show that nearly 2% of homes has a property damage claim caused by water damage, flooding, or freezing every year. These claims average nearly $9,000 each, and add up to almost $9 billion in damage annually. This is why waterproofing is such an important part not just of… Read more »

A Quality Whole-Home Ventilation System Does These Things

Inside and out, if you could observe everything that was floating in the air, you would like be less eager to breathe. Fortunately our noses and lungs are adept at filtering out pollutants. If only our homes had similar systems. Unfortunately, many homes have only the most rudimentary systems for processing air. This means that… Read more »

Different Types of HVAC Filters for Your Home

We have explored elsewhere the important work that an HVAC system does. In essence, it functions as the lungs of a building. In many ways, it is just as important to the building as your lungs are to your body. Your nose and throat work as a filter for what can and can’t enter your… Read more »

Is it a Mold Allergy, or is it COVID-19?

In the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were still not using the word pandemic, and were more likely to call it “coronavirus” than COVID-19. People who were experiencing a large number of symptoms, even those that mimicked the little-known virus simply shrugged them off. “It’s probably the flu,” they said. Or, “It’s my… Read more »