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Do You Already Have These Useful Resources for Contractors?

Being a contractor is tough work. Sure, being your own boss is great, but what it can really mean at times is that everyone else is your boss. You are always working for someone else. Then, as you grow, you find yourself dealing with the problems of management: labor issues, supply chain issues, pricing issues…. Read more »

How To Use Waterproofing Rolls

Installation of waterproofing rolls is not especially complicated, but it does require labor and attention to detail. Seemingly small mistakes at key times in the installation process can cause disastrous results that compromise the waterproofing integrity of the entire project. Here’s a quick guide to the key moments in your waterproofing roll installation. Purchase Of… Read more »

First Time Home Builder? Use Proven Mar-Flex Waterproofing Products

Building a home can be tough. This is especially true in today’s market with the rapidly opening and expanding American and world markets. Home builders are troubled with the increasing cost of borrowing money as interest rates rise. Additionally, with the growing economy comes inflation, and prices are going up on every part of building… Read more »

Waterproofing: The Unsung Hero Of Your Home

We all have favorite parts of our home. Perhaps it’s the kitchen – the home of many fine meals and after-dinner conversations. Perhaps it is an elegant dining room. Or maybe for you it is an expanded family room with the surround sound and big, comfortable couches for lounging and sleeping. These are not bad… Read more »

The Average Cost of Building a New House Has Risen To What?!?!?

In the midst of unprecedented housing demand, a booming economy, shipping delays caused by the pandemic, and unusual price spikes for building materials, the cost of building a new house seems staggering. In fact, HomeAdviser suggests that this year the average cost of building a new home will top $280,000. With costs running over $300… Read more »

What is “Relative” Humidity?

We have all heard the term relative humidity before. We know that it means something about how much water vapor is in the air. And we know that relative humidity is important especially inside a building where we want to keep mold and other contaminants to a minimum. But what is “relative” humidity, exactly? What… Read more »

What is A Raft Foundation?

Builders employ a wide range of methods to keep their foundation safe. Experienced construction designers know that a dry foundation is necessary for creating a building that will be problem-free for generations. There are lots of ways to achieve the goal of keeping your foundation dry. A rare but effective method of building a foundation… Read more »

Keep Your Employees Safe with PPE

There is no doubt that this era of COVID and quarantine has raised the bar for the expectation of employee safety. Where previously employers had a responsibility to keep their workers safe from those on-site dangers that could be seen and anticipated, suddenly they had a new enemy. Our employees and our productivity are now… Read more »

How to Waterproof Concrete Foundations

Waterproofing a concrete foundation is a job best left to professionals, or to be attempted only by the most confident and accomplished do-it-yourselfer. If you are in this second category, this guide can help you understand what you are up against and make the decision to do it or to hire the work out to… Read more »

2020 Waterproofing Basement Costs

Some things change, and in 2020 that seems more true than ever. One thing that hasn’t changed is the need to keep your basement dry. While you can always clean up after flooding and drainage issues, it is far better to avoid them in the first place. But as a homeowner you will want to… Read more »