Keep Your Employees Safe with PPE

There is no doubt that this era of COVID and quarantine has raised the bar for the expectation of employee safety. Where previously employers had a responsibility to keep their workers safe from those on-site dangers that could be seen and anticipated, suddenly they had a new enemy.

Our employees and our productivity are now threatened by viruses that are invisible and can be passed before the carrier shows symptoms.

It is more important than ever to invest in employees’ safety from contagious diseases, and to find reliable providers of the PPE (personal protective equipment) they need to get safely through the day.

Keep employees safe from airborne COVID-19

Many companies found themselves in a competition for PPE when the quarantine started and the virus challenged our productivity and supply lines. Mar-Flex now has a range of options for protecting your employees with their new PPE offerings.

Mar-Flex offers a full range of personal protective equipment to keep your employees safe during COVID-19 and in other similar situations.

First, Mar-Flex offers masks, in order to protect employees and customers from airborne particles. In addition to stopping COVID, these masks have been shown to reduce the transmission of the flu and colds, meaning that investing in masks will help overall attendance and productivity.

A variety of designs are available, so employees can demonstrate personality while protecting everyone at the site.

In some situations, employees might risk contact with water droplets from infected people. In those cases, face shields are the necessary equipment. These keep employees safe from the spread of communicable diseases while allowing them to talk freely. Where masks might slip off during conversations, face shields remain in place.

Ensure safety with other PPE

Of course, airborne droplets are not the only concern we have for our employees and customers. We additionally need to protect them from surface contact with COVID and other communicable viruses.

For a variety of applications, Mar-Flex offers gloves. These can be used when your employees need to touch materials that might cause skin irritation, but where your employees still need the full function of their fingers for detail work.

These gloves are also handy for people who work with mail or other materials that come from an unknown source. Multiple contaminants might show up on envelopes and other external items, so surgical style gloves offer a level of safety and security.

Helping your employees feel safe is part of the optimal experience that keeps workers safe and feeling valued.

Finally, for every potential application, they offer hand sanitizer for office or construction site usage. Your employees and your guests will benefit from an abundance of hand sanitizer on countertops and in other common spaces.

Hand sanitizer remains an important part of your defense against the spread of communicable disease in your worksite.

Be prepared this winter and spring so your employees stay safe and productive.