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Mar-flex Presents DampFUSION™

DampFUSION™ is a water-based acrylic damp proofing membrane, designed for durability and reliability. This product is approved for masonry, block, pre-cast, and poured concrete wall foundations, making it extremely versatile. DampFUSION™ is one of the most effective spray-on membranes in the industry, stopping leaks and the transmission of water vapor. The membrane dries as a… Read more »

Radon, A Little Known Danger

Radon, in gaseous form, as well as its heavy decay products such as polonium and bismuth, collect on dust particles in the air, and are dangerous to human health. These forms of radon, when inhaled, stick to the delicate cells lining the passageways leading into the lungs, causing incidences of lung cancer, as well as… Read more »

Twip of the Day – More Basement Tips

Wet basements, even after cleaning up, can carry a musty odor for months. If proper ventilation does not remove this odor, fill a gallon bucket of water and add 3/4 cup bleach for every gallon of water. Mop over the basement area, using this solution and let sit for five minutes, then rinse and allow… Read more »

Crack Injection, a Great Fix

Its inevitable that a structure will settle, or even suffer overload, causing cracks to form in concrete walls and the foundation of the structure. These cracks can become costly structural repairs if not expediently resolved. Crack injection has been an accepted method of repairing these cracks, because of its cost-effectiveness, reliability, and permanence. Injecting cracks… Read more »

Twip of the Day – Ensuring Protection

In recent “Twip of the Day”s we’ve talked about identifying the source of moisture in your basement, as well as a few quick ways to fix it. Today, we’ll introduce you to one of the easiest ways to keep moisture from penetrating your foundation walls once the original leak is repaired. Applying waterproofing masonry paint… Read more »

Twip of the Day – Common Problems

If you’re noticing leaks or even seepage into your basement, there are ways to solve the problem. There are three main causes for water seepage. These include poor original workmanship, houses settling and causing cracks in the foundation, and water pressure from outside the foundation building up and forcing itself through foundation walls. These leaks… Read more »

Last Day of the Show

With Thursday May 12 being the last day of the National Hardware Show, presentations are wrapping up, luncheons are closing, and talks of business are replaced by jovial conversation. Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products made a very productive showing this year, attracting clientele and making deals with companies worldwide. CEO Brett Oakley, “the atmosphere has… Read more »

Twip of the Day – Mold Prevention

Damp basements, while dangerous to possessions and the structure itself, can also be dangerous to personal health. One of the problems of a damp basement is the propagation of mold. Mold causes asthma, allergies, congestion, and infection. To prevent this problem from harming anyone in your household, simple steps can be taken. High levels of… Read more »

Mar-flex At the Trade Show

CEO of Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products Brett Oakley arrived at the National Hardware Show with just one thing on his mind. Oakley is trying to generate revenue in a down economy for his Middletown, Ohio company. He noticed one thing upon arriving at the show this week, the amount of international companies bringing products…. Read more »

Twip of the Day – Basement Tips II

When water is leaking into your basement, do you know where all of it came from? Water pipes often leak water, causing moisture to enter your basement. Cold water pipes should be insulated so that this problem can be avoided, and also to ensure that there are no problems or leaks in the plumbing. Laundry… Read more »