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Twip of the Day – Common Problems

If you’re noticing leaks or even seepage into your basement, there are ways to solve the problem. There are three main causes for water seepage. These include poor original workmanship, houses settling and causing cracks in the foundation, and water pressure from outside the foundation building up and forcing itself through foundation walls. These leaks… Read more »

Last Day of the Show

With Thursday May 12 being the last day of the National Hardware Show, presentations are wrapping up, luncheons are closing, and talks of business are replaced by jovial conversation. Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products made a very productive showing this year, attracting clientele and making deals with companies worldwide. CEO Brett Oakley, “the atmosphere has… Read more »

Twip of the Day – Mold Prevention

Damp basements, while dangerous to possessions and the structure itself, can also be dangerous to personal health. One of the problems of a damp basement is the propagation of mold. Mold causes asthma, allergies, congestion, and infection. To prevent this problem from harming anyone in your household, simple steps can be taken. High levels of… Read more »

Mar-flex At the Trade Show

CEO of Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products Brett Oakley arrived at the National Hardware Show with just one thing on his mind. Oakley is trying to generate revenue in a down economy for his Middletown, Ohio company. He noticed one thing upon arriving at the show this week, the amount of international companies bringing products…. Read more »

Twip of the Day – Basement Tips II

When water is leaking into your basement, do you know where all of it came from? Water pipes often leak water, causing moisture to enter your basement. Cold water pipes should be insulated so that this problem can be avoided, and also to ensure that there are no problems or leaks in the plumbing. Laundry… Read more »

Mar-flex @ NHS

National Hardware Show Visit Us at Booth 4948 Las Vegas Convention Center (get more info here)

LandScapes is perfect for your landscape

As Mar-flex Waterproofing & Building Products unpacks their gear at this year’s National Hardware Show in Las Vegas CEO and founder Brett Oakley can hardly wait to showcase some of our amazing products. Among this year’s offerings is the patented LandScapes Window Well and it’s being offered to lumber suppliers for the very first time… Read more »

Twip of the Day – Basement Windows

Have your basement windows been leaking? Adding a window well solution can improve protection against water damage and seepage from the outside. Windows which are installed below grade, or partially below grade can act like cisterns during heavy storms, allowing water to seep in around frames and below windows. This can quickly flood a basement…. Read more »

Mar-Flex Has Arrived At the National Hardware Show

The National Hardware Show is a widely popular convention held annually by Reed Exhibitions in Las Vegas. It is a housing after-market show whose goal is to bring together manufacturers and resellers of products used to remodel, repair, maintain, and decorate homes and gardens. This year, the show is featuring over 150 different product categories,… Read more »

Spring Landscape Cleaning Could Prevent Basement Moisture

Springtime in this hemisphere means new growth, beautiful flowers and all of the benefits that you enjoy from working so hard on your landscaping throughout the year. But did you know that your landscaping could be a potential cause for leaks and dampness in your basement? Shrubbery, bushes and other plantings around your foundation can… Read more »