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LandScapes, A Popular Window Well Solution

Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products offers the LandScapes No-Maintenance Window Wells. These window wells won’t rust or dent like metal, and they brighten basement environments and increases curb appeal. LandScapes remain the contractor’s choice, they install easily, no specialty hardware is needed. Every window well purchase comes with a drain kit and all LandScapes window… Read more »

Air & Vapor Barrier 1800

Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products offers a new Air Barrier for commercial applications. Mar-flex Air & Vapor Barrier 1800 provides a seamless, 100% rubber continuous membrane around the building envelope. This air barrier is impermeable to air and vapor transmission, and is watertight. This product has a low odor, it is self-priming, and provides and… Read more »

Twip of the Day – Types of Waterproofing

There are several different types of materials that waterproofing equipment is made of. A few examples of materials used in waterproofing are asphalt-based painted substances and bentonite or clay based products. Bentonite is formed from the weathering of volcanic ash, and is preferable because of its ability to absorb several times its own dry weight… Read more »

The Only 100% Green Drainage Board in the World

Geo-Mat is Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products’ answer to the recycled and sustainable revolution. This product is the only 100% green drainage board solution in the world, made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) which offers a strong resistance to hydrostatic pressure and excellent drainage. These rolls feature dimples that are aligned along vertical and horizontal… Read more »

Mar-flex Now Offers Protective Equipment

Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products introduces a brand new line of safety and protective equipment. Our equipment is perfect for any DIY project, but also built with the durability and quality necessary to be of use to professionals. From coveralls, in the hooded or regular variety, to shoe covers and double dipped pvc gloves, which… Read more »

Twip of the Day – Roof Issues

Did you know that roof drainage is the number one cause of basement leakage? A roof’s surface area is as big as the home, therefore it collects large amounts of water in heavy rainstorms. What happens to this water after it collects, as it drains from the roof, is the difference between a soaked basement… Read more »

Twip of the Day – Water Damage Problems

When you enter your basement, do you notice a musty smell? Are you noticing cracks in the basement walls? What about signs of mildew, or windowsills with rot, general dampness, and moisture on basement wall or floors? If you experience a worsening of your allergies when you are inside your home or down in your… Read more »

ShockWave™ A Revolutionary Waterproofing Solution

Mar-Flex Waterproofing and Building Products presents the ShockWave™ drainage board. ShockWave™ is made from inert, environmentally-friendly, recycled foam products, and helps to qualify for LEED® credits. This drainage board is designed for performance, able to absorb up to 101.11 gallons per hour per lineal foot of groundwater, which eliminates the possibility of hydrostatic pressure. ShockWave™… Read more »

Mar-flex Top In Country

Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products is proud to reveal that they have reached the top 4% of American-made manufacturing. In this current economic climate, many companies are focusing on cutting proprietary costs by outsourcing labor to cheaper markets. Mar-flex has always maintained the commitment to American made products, whether it be in design or in… Read more »

LiteFUSION™, The Mar-flex Way

LiteFUSION™ is Mar-flex’s answer to your budget waterproofing needs. LiteFUSION™ is an economical water-based acrylic waterproofing membrane, which is more effective than standard dampproofing membranes in that, it is designed to stop water infiltration and is extremely effective when applied to a foundation. LiteFUSION™sprays-on easily, and dries into a seamless, monolithic coating that turns gray… Read more »