ProKit the Commercial Choice

At Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products we specialize in innovative solutions designed to save you time and money. ProKit® Foundation and Basement Crack Repair Kit is a great example.

ProKit® Foundation and Basement Crack Repair Kit is an amazing polyurethane-based injection system that is designed to remain flexible while maintaining a water-tight bond with concrete.

ProKit® also comes with our innovative Seal & Peel application cement that insures that you don’t waste precious time and energy removing ports and then chiseling and sanding hard, dried epoxy from your basement wall. With Mar-flex’s ProKit® Seal & Peel technology you simply peel away your ports just like removing a Band-Aid. It’s that easy!

ProKit® Foundation and Basement Crack Repair Kit comes with Contractor-grade supplies, including safety glasses, disposable gloves, wire brush, professional injection gun and easy-instruction DVD all packed in a tough, job-site ready tool kit. Refills are always just a phone call away.

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Mar-flex Twip of the Day

Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products announced late last month that CEO Brett Oakley would be lending his expertise to a daily project we lovingly refer to as the Mar-flex Twip of the Day. This week we are launching the Mar-flex Twip of the Day at the popular social media site.

Oakley will offer tips on everything from waterproofing and building to the new Green movement and much more.

We want to encourage all of you to stop by Twitter and follow us at @marflex_twip for great daily info from one of the most innovative minds in the business.

Oakley’s experience as a builder, inventor and entrepreneur are amazing. Couple that with the fact that he’s also a retired NASCAR driver, fireman as well as a handful of other successful vocations and you have someone who can lend a bit of insight to nearly any situation.

We expect to be Twipping within the next few days so be sure to stop by.

It’s Not Easy Being “Green”

Mar-flex isn’t just making extraordinary leaps in the innovation and implementation of environmentally “Green” building products. This year CEO Brett Oakley opted to begin utilizing strategies that would reduce and save energy at Mar-flex’s home offices and recent software installations will begin reducing the usage of resources including paper.

ACT by SAGE is a software that allows the home office to correspond with customers, salesmen and employees while reducing paper usage by 70%. Employees at the home offices in Middletown, Ohio have worked tirelessly this month to populate the database and prepare the new software for its debut in March.

Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products is committed to making the world a better place one amazing solution at a time. To check out some of our Green products stop by either one of these links.
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Happy Earth Day

Earth Day is a time for us to recognize the need to be more responsible stewards of our planet. It is a day to reflect on our past actions and make changes to ensure that future generations inherit a world of splendor and beauty. At Mar-flex, we are pioneering the development of environmentally friendly “green” waterproofing products. As the green leader in the industry, we are committed to producing products that are increasingly safe and contributing to a sustainable future. Like every other industry, we have a long way to go before we are perfect, but we will continue to lead the charge for the development of industry leading environmentally friendly waterproofing products. Happy Earth Day!

Welcome to our new Mar-flex website

In our ongoing effort to better serve our customers, we launched the latest version of our website today. We built the new site with the visitor in mind. Our hope in the redesign is that we make it easier to find information you need, the products you want, and the service you deserve. In the weeks to come, we will be adding additional functionality that will continue to improve the site. We welcome your feedback on ways that we can better serve you – whether through our website or otherwise. Thanks for visiting the site and for choosing Mar-flex for your commercial and residential waterproofing needs.