You Can Go Green and Stay Dry

For a long time in construction it was understood that accepting the use of “green” or environmentally friendly materials meant that you were lowering your standards.

That is no longer true. Amazing breakthroughs in technology have allowed advances in recombinant re-use and recycling. Many of today’s recycled materials meet the same standards that their first-use / original-use cousins met.

Mar-Flex is proud to be an industry leader in green waterproofing technology.

And with LEED standards being implemented in almost every new build these days, the points from using recycled materials add up. Being able to meet those standards while producing the finest available products is a source of pride for Mar-Flex.


Our ShockWave drainage and insulation board are another recycled solution to your waterproofing needs. These not only have the highest drainage and compression rates of any product on the market, but they are made of 100% recycled material. Their LEED scores and their results are both the best that money can buy.

This is a superior blend of effectiveness and eco-awareness that is sure to please the most demanding customer.

Drain & Dry Drainage Board

Our exclusive Drain & Dry drainage board is designed to offer the most cost-effective yet green solution to solving the first problem of waterproofing – keeping water away from your exterior surfaces.

This early Ecose technology made us a leader in green technology for waterproofing, and is eligible for LEED points in all applications. Most importantly, it works to prevent the buildup of hydrostatic pressure, protecting concrete and other building materials from the ravages of water over time. Drain & Dry can be used alone or in partnership with other green or less-green technologies to provide a comprehensive solution to your waterproofing needs.

You no longer have to compromise between going green and getting the job done. Our Mar-Flex products can let you do both.

Call today for information about these and other comprehensive waterproofing solutions.