Why Large Contractors Prefer ArmorSheet Waterproofing Products

Photo by mali maeder: https://www.pexels.com/photo/yellow-and-black-excavator-69483/

Contracting work is among the most demanding professions. You are expected to be an expert on hundreds of topics, stay on top of changing laws at local, state, and federal levels, hire people, and manage details small and large.

It all comes at you fast, and you are always looking for ways to slow it down, or make it all run more smoothly.

Trying to create simplicity out of complexity is part of our mission at Mar-Flex. This is why we offer the ArmorSheet complete line of waterproofing materials. There is no more need to run to a half dozen suppliers or do research on how certain products will (or won’t) mix to create a waterproof seal that could make or break your entire project.

Instead, smart contractors rely on a single set of matched solutions. You do not have to research or guess or hope. The ArmorSheet products just work. And they work together to give you a complete waterproofing solution.

The ArmorSheet Line

While more details are available here, here are highlights of the ArmorSheet line:

  • A series of products that meet some of the strictest building standards, including Division 7 waterproofing and section 07-27-26 fluid applied barrier and membrane products
  • A focus on LEED certification, including guides for the products that help you achieve your target and budgeted LEED status
  • Above-grade solutions that include barriers and flashing to help you meet or exceed code
  • Below grade solutions including self-adhering and sprayed on waterproofing
  • Bentonite waterproofing options
  • Armor drainage board and tile
  • And our proprietary adhesives, mastics, and sealers that guarantee the waterproofing results you promised to your clients

We also sell a complete line of safety and application resources for your crew. You can make one stop, one order, and make sure that your crew is outfitted, prepared, and safe for the duration of your waterproofing and building project.

The best way to protect your bottom line is to do the work well, once, with quality products. If you live by this motto, then the Mar-Flex ArmorSheet line is for you.

For more information visit our site or call to speak with our installation experts.