Why Fusion UV Remains a Top Choice For Builders

More than a decade after its introduction, the Mar-flex waterproof membrane solution Fusion UV remains a popular choice for builders across the United States and beyond.

What is the secret to its longevity? Well it’s no secret really.

Offering builders an affordable, easy-to-apply, high-quality waterproofing solution turned out to be a really popular choice.

The many advantages of Fusion UV

The builder who chooses Fusion UV has selected an option that is easy to use, offers great protection, and is built to look the same for decades.

Fusion UV offers builders an ease of use that is hard to match.

By following the simple instructions under the dry conditions, your building crew can manage the Fusion UV application process themselves. They simly can spray, brush, or roll Fusion UV onto the exterior foundation wall. No additional training is required, and there is no need to purchase special equipment.

Fusion UV provides excellent protection

When applied as directed, Fusion UV’s 20 year warranty offers you the peace of mind to know you have protected your building from water.

Of course, pairing Fusion UV with other solutions including Mar-flex drainage board can increase the protection and the warranty. Taking a couple of extra steps can earn you a limited-lifetime warranty.

Fusion UV protects against fading

The “UV” in Fusion UV stands for ultraviolet. The special formula waterproofing membrane is designed for below-grade use AND for above-grade use.

There, exposed to sunlight, Fusion UV resists breakdown, degradation, and even color fading. Our virgin polymer stands up to the elements in the way that other recycled polymers simply can’t.

This means that your project looks as good in a decade as it did the day you completed the work. This increases your satisfaction and reputation, and simply looks good.

So if you are looking for an economical, long-lasting, easy-to-apply waterproofing solution for your current project, consider Mar-flex Fusion UV.

You’ll be glad you did today, and you’ll be glad you did in a decade.