Why do so many contractors protect their foundations with ShockWave Drainage Board?

At Mar-Flex, we have been producing quality lines of waterproofing products for years. We occasionally get asked which are our favorite lines.

And of course, to us, waterproofing products are like our children, and we love them all equally.

But for the most common applications, we find our technicians and our customers turning time and again to our ShockWave drainage boards. Why are they trusted so deeply?

We think there are three primary reasons.

ShockWave drainage board protects from an impressive amount of water

ShockWave drainage board’s most impressive statistic reveals how well it does the thing it is built to do: handle water.

ShockWave can soak up over 100 gallons of water per hour per linear foot of drainage board. 101.11 per hour, to be precise.

This helps protect your foundation – and your investment – against the equivalent of a stream running into your foundation. Knowing that our drainage board can handle this amount of water, which is unusually large, means that our customers know they can count on ShockWave to deliver the expected results in normal circumstances for the life of their investment.

ShockWave drainage board is virtually crush-proof

Of course, When you put drainage board on the outside of your foundation and then backfill tons of clay and dirt against it, you need to know that it will retain its strength and vibrancy over time.

So we designed Shockwave to be virtually crushproof. Let’s get to the numbers:

ShockWave can withstand up to 283.72 psi while still humming along, doing its water work. This is the equivalent of running a bulldozer across the ShockWave surface. This amount of weight and concentrated pressure would STILL not damage ShockWave drainage board.

You can be sure that your building demands will not diminish its effectiveness.

ShockWave drainage board adds to your LEED score

And here’s the kicker for many contractors. Sure, it handles more water than any other drainage board. Sure it is essentially crush-proof and …

It is meticulously constructed from 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

So, it does everything you could want, and using it actually increases your LEED rating, making it easier to reach your project’s goals. Not many waterproofing options can do that.

It’s clear that so many contractors rely on ShockWave drainage board because of its unparalleled strength, effectiveness, and LEED rating.

The real question is, why would someone choose anything else?