What is Shockwave Drainage Insulation Board?

The most important part of any building is its foundation. and the greatest enemy of any foundation is water.

Thus, waterproofing, and finding the right materials to quickly and effectively waterproof the foundation of a building, is an integral part of every building project.

At Mar-Flex we believe ShockWave drainage insulation board is the fastest, and most cost-effective way to permanently waterproof the foundation of your next building project.

What is drainage insulation board?

When we were children, our parents helped us pull on rubber boots over our shoes so we could play in puddles. This allowed us to keep our feet dry while interacting with and even standing in puddles we would otherwise avoid.

In an ideal world, we could drop the foundation of a building into a pair of galoshes and be done with it. We could move forward knowing the project was permanently waterproofed. However, buildings are different from legs and feet, for all the obvious reasons.

Much of the concrete base of a foundation directly touches the ground. And a big portion of the walls of the foundation are underground. This means direct contact with dirt and water can’t be avoided.

Drainage insulation board is something like a pair of galoshes. This insulation board is attached to the exterior walls of your foundation project. When installed correctly, it covers the entire underground sidewall.

The material in the board must include important improvements to make it better for your foundation. Because it is the material standing between your foundation and the ground outside, it must withstand pressure from earth and water.

What does ShockWave drainage insulation board do that is different?

Made from reclaimed automotive polyethylene foam, ShockWave drainage insulation board is constructed to do more than merely keep water away from your foundation.

Ordinary rubber galoshes would allow water to pool and remain against the foundation of your building. This actually creates unnatural and structurally unsound pooling that could eventually cause your foundation to shift or your landscape to slide and collapse.

ShockWave, on the other hand, allows water to drain through the material down to tile drains. This natural, guided flow of water maintains the solid substrate around your foundation, keeping your building secure for generations.

Best yet, ShockWave is easy to install in combination with a waterproof membrane using adhesive or concrete nails.

You can find ShockWave drainage insulation board at Mar-Flex