What Does Longevity Tell You About a Company?

When you are looking for a company to work with, whether repairing your home or building it, you look at many factors. Which of those factors are the most important in deciding which company to choose?

Let’s examine some of the information you might be able to find about a company. Then let’s see which is most reliable in determining whether you want to work with them in an important project and a major financial investment.

Found them in the yellow pages / internet

It might go without saying, but it is very easy to place an ad in the yellow pages or online today. In fact, many yellow pages actively seek out companies to list in order to boost their profits. And as WIX ads constantly remind us, anyone with internet access can create a professional looking website in a matter of minutes.

But can they do the job that you need done? A yellow page listing or website simply does not answer that question.

A friend’s recommendation

The most common source of a reference is word of mouth. When a friend recommends the services of someone, it carries weight. But you also need to ask yourself some questions. Did your friend have the exact same kind of work done? Is the reference just a friend of theirs who is in the business?

A reference is a decent source of information, but generally only speaks to one event or project and not their ability to do the work you need done, or to do it well.

BBB Rating

A more reputable place to seek information about a company you want to hire is the Better Business Bureau. In most communities, the BBB provides information about every business. Importantly, they also provide information about struggles that customers have had, and whether the company resolved those problems to the customer’s satisfaction.

If a company does this well, they stay in business a long time.


One of the most important signs of a successful company is longevity. That is, how long has the company been in business doing the work you need done?

The longer a company has been in business, the clearer their qualifications are. It’s more likely that they have done work like yours, and that they have experienced employees who can solve problems and prevent issues before they impact the final project.

If you find a company that has been in business for 20 years or more, you can be sure it has the experience to do the job well, and a desire to make sure you are another satisfied customer.

Photo by Wendy Wei.