What are the Components of an Effective Drain System?

When setting up a waterproofing drain system, the first goal is to keep water away from the foundation. The second goal is to redirect it if it reaches the foundation. And a third, last-ditch goal, is to safely and efficiently redirect water that escapes inside.

Our efforts to create an effective drain system will focus on what happens outside of the foundation to prevent water from getting in.

Keeping water away from the foundation

The first goal is to keep water away from the foundation at all. this can be accomplished by the formation of the lot around the facility. Using sloping and shaping the soil around the foundation can help keep problems from ever forming. The foundation for this work comes from a thorough site survey that examines where water travels in the area – where it starts and where it ends up.

Sloping and soil preparation can help prevent problems from even starting.

Keeping water off the foundation

Of course, that can all happen in an ideal world. Most of us don’t have an ideal situation, where we can choose how to use a large plot of land, or where to place a new building on pristine available lots.

Instead, we are forced to use the property we have available to us, and the water situation we inherited. In this case we need to become experts in keeping water off the foundation.

This happens by carefully treating the area around the foundation of the building. The first step is preparing effective drainage solutions that redirect water to the wastewater system and away from your foundation.  The second step is placing spray-on or installed waterproofing sheets.

These products help keep the concrete beneath them dry, while efficiently directing water where you want it to go. These products, installed using seamless application techniques, will help make sure that every inch of your foundation is protected against the intrusion of water.

Experts trust Mar-Flex installers and our high quality products to keep their foundations dry, and to help water get where it needs to go. This means understanding the whole process, not just applying one solution to one spot and believing everything will be better.

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash