What Are Polymers?

You may have heard of waterproofing solutions (and many other products) being formed from polymers. You accepted that as true and moved on. But you were curious, and now you want to know: what are polymers?

Encyclopedia Britannica defines polymers as “natural or synthetic substances composed of very large molecules, called macromolecules, that are multiples of simpler chemical units called monomers.”

So, essentially, polymers are anything that is made up of other things.

This as a definition seems unhelpful, but it opens a door to an amazing world of possibilities. Diamonds are polymers, and so is rubber. So on the simplest level, it is everything. But there is an important note here.

We can make what we want

It seems unhelpful to say a polymer can be essentially anything, but there is a significant upside. Since we have the technology to imitate nature’s magic, and the wide range of nature’s materials at our disposal, this means a polymer isn’t just the many things we can find out in the world, it can be whatever we want it to be.

That means we can use the components of rubber and make it stickier, or more liquid, or more rigid. We can construct a wide range of products and solutions by making minor modifications to the formula for any given product.

And for a contractor, this means that there is a solution to whatever problem you face.

So while plastics are the one word of useless advice offered in The Graduate, it can be a very helpful suggestion for a general contractor.

What you need is probably already available

While the TV character Red Green famously proclaims “any tool can be the right too for the job,” we know from painful experience that this is not true. Using the wrong tool can cost us time, energy, and potentially cause damage and increase expense.

In the age of polymers and on-demand manufacturing, the world probably already offers a solution for your contracting needs. Do you have a weird joint or a challenge to solve? Do you need to waterproof a hard-to-reach location, or idiot-proof a much-needed waterproofing solution? There is likely already a solution for that situation.

This is why contractors rely on Mar-Flex products. Our polymer-based solutions are designed to save you time and energy while doing the job effectively the first time.