Using a Crack Injection Gun for Waterproofing

There are many specialized tools that are used in every trade. Whether you are a fly fisher who needs a special vice to hold tiny lures as you wind them with line, or a construction worker manning the levers of a ten-story crane, your tools help you do a job that few can accomplish.

This is also true about waterproofing the foundations and walls of homes, businesses, warehouses, and schools across southwest Ohio where Mar-Flex has been doing this work for nearly three decades.

Every soil type and building specification requires a unique approach to match the situation. Sometimes the work requires an excavation and the application of an external wrap. Sometimes the work has to be done from inside and requires layers of waterproofing and even channeling to redirect foundational water.

Sometimes, the job requires injecting waterproofing materials deep into walls. This allows you to reach spots and weaknesses not visible to the eye during an inspection. This job requires a crack injection gun.

The crack injection gun has special powers

While it sounds potentially menacing or even dangerous, the crack injection gun is simply a specialized tool to help with waterproofing and dampproofing.

The crack injection gun can take various forms. Most are manually operated and some are open while others, like the one pictured in this article, are largely self-contained.

Using this tool, your expert waterproofing team can push or “inject” caulk into cracks and seams. The use of additional force, provided by hand leverage, forces the waterproofing caulk or sealant into spots that simply can not be seen by the naked eye.

Careful application of sealant into every available spot can allow the transformation of a wall. A surface that was once porous and allowed water to seep through into a foundation or basement can be rendered largely waterproof. This can bring thousands of dollars of value and years of enjoyment to a space.

Using the right tools is important if you want to do a job well. Make sure that you have those tools at your disposal when you start your next major project.

Or go a step further and hire the seasoned professionals who have those tools to do the job expertly the first time. Consider calling Mar-Flex for your next project.


Crack injection gun. Photo provided.