Twip of the Day – Vents and Vent Wells Are Crucial

One of the most important parts of any foundation/basement is proper venting. Most feel that the foundation walls, once back-filled, are out of sight and out of mind until ugly water problems hit you head on. Once water and dampness develop this allows mold, mildew and other dangerous hazards to grab a foothold in your environment.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to your basement, crawl space and foundation. Check out one of the most revolutionary venting products on the market – Vortex™. This state-of the-art product will ensure that these delicate and costly water-related problems will not develop in your building or homes future.

The revolutionary turnbuckle adjusters on each side of every Vortex™ vent lets you quickly telescope each vent on the job site to save you time and trouble, while reducing inventory and storage headaches.