Self-Sealing Drainage Solution

As a contractor, you are always searching for the best possible solution to sealing foundations in below grade applications. You have tried liquid sealants, rubberized solutions, wraps, and more. But what you want is a self-sealing, adhesive system that is quick and easy to apply.

Mar-Flex is proud to offer the simple to use Armor Sheet solution.

Armor Sheet is self-adhesive. Simply measure and cut, then line it up with the space. Remove the backing in a single easy pull, and press it into place. Armor Sheet adheres securely, and stays in place. More importantly, it forms a solid, impenetrable water barrier around your foundation.

It seals around nails and other imperfections in the foundation, allowing you to rest assured that water will not find a way in.

Why self-adhesive?

The time and mess involved in heating and spreading many adhesives is a challenge for some contractors, and a non-starter for others. The complicated, multi-step process creates mess and waste and takes a lot of time. Additionally, it requires additional training and practice for new staff.

Self-adhesive sealant sheets are an easy solution to many of these problems. Everyone is familiar with the peel-and-stick simplicity of the Armor Sheet system. And there is no time lost fooling with heating up the adhesive, prepping and then cleaning the adhesive gun, and the countless little steps that cause delay in between.

You can have the same security and peace of mind with a fraction of the headache.

And it’s faster too.

This is why contractors are increasingly turning to Armor Sheet solutions for their foundation waterproofing solutions.

Which surfaces are best for Armor Sheet?

Another advantage of the Armor Sheet peel and stick solution is that it is perfect for a wide range of surfaces.

Balconies? Below-grade concrete? Exposed siding? Exterior plaster? In almost every application, no matter the substrate, there is an Armor Sheet that will make your work easier.

Our special adhesive seals around a wide range of surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about getting a perfect match. While in some cases a primer is necessary, based on the substrate, the process is still straightforward, and time-saving.

As a contractor, you owe it to yourself and your client to save time and money while providing comprehensive protection from water damage.

Explore our Armor Sheet line for your current project and every one after that.