Mar-flex Builds Relationships at BONDmulti 2014

The Mar-flex team is traveling to The Golden State this week. They’re on site in San Diego at BONDmulti 2014, spreading the news about stronger below-grade waterproofing systems that utilize 100% recycled material. BONDmulti is all about introducing America’s 100 largest multifamily home builders with suppliers offering the latest building technology. California, a hotbed of American innovation, is a fitting place for such a conference, and it is even more fitting that Mar-flex is in attendance. Mar-flex invented Shockwave, the world’s only drainage board made from 100% recycled post-industrial waste. Made from cross-woven foam left over from the auto industry, Shockwave is the most environmentally friendly drainage product on the market. It also boasts the highest compressive strength of any drainage board. Shockwave is just one example of Mar-flex’s commitment to bringing innovative green products to market, but it should give the team in San Diego plenty to talk about.