Mar-flex 5000 – Modern Innovations

Mar-flex Waterproofing and Building Products has a reputation for quality and innovation that is well deserved. Mar-flex is the first company in the industry to offer a 100% recycled drainage board,as well as truly “Green” solutions for homes. Mar-flex even raises the bar for waterproofing membranes with the Mar-flex 5000 membrane. This heavy duty, elastomeric emulsion membrane is versatile, it can be applied to any poured foundation wall. Its special formulation sprays easily, predictably, and produces a viscous, flexible, and seamless seal that resists freeze/thaw cycles. This means homeowners no longer have to put up with wet basements. 5000 is another great Mar-flex product, meaning its backed by an industry leading warranty when you combine it with one of Mar-flex’s quality drainage boards. Check out 5000 today!