Green Basement Solutions

Mar-Flex offers a new line of green Geo-Mat products which offer added protection by adding a drainage roll to be used in conjunction with a Mar-Flex Waterproofing System. Mar-Flex Geo-Mat rolls are made of HDPE (high density polyethylene) that allow a stronger resistance to hydrostatic pressure and better drainage options. This product offers added value to your existing Waterproofing System by using the Geo-Mat filters to protect against back fill, soil sediment, and obstructions. In topsoil and sandy soil areas where drainage matters more than R-Value, Geo-Mat keeps foundation walls dry while protecting the waterproofing membrane from silt and backfill. Mar-Flex also offers Geo Clips, which makes installation of any Geo-Mat product quick and easy.

Geo-Mat is the only 100% green product of its kind in the market and can be used towards LEED(r) building credits.