Get the Facts on Waterproofing Membranes

When you are working to waterproof your foundation,  you will come across a lot of proposed solutions and materials. Paints, caulks, and even concrete backfills can all be part of a comprehensive  waterproofing solution for your building’s basement.

Waterproofing membranes also need to be in the conversation.

Cost-effective and practical, waterproofing membranes offer a wide range of solutions including eco-friendly options that might even boost your LEED scores.

Here are some different options for you to consider for your next building or waterproofing project.

Drainage boards

One popular product that accompanies a waterproofing membrane is a drainage board. Fastened to the outside of your foundation below grade or ground level, drainage boards encourage water to move down away from your foundation instead of remaining pressed up against the concrete.

By moving the water away, your concrete is protected from having to do the work it was never designed to do.  Water sitting next to concrete will eventually permeate the concrete.

Waterproofing boards like the Mar-flex Shockwave drainage board have several important features which make them durable. First, they help move the water down and away from the foundation instead of holding it. Second, they are inert and don’t interact chemically with the soil around them, so they last a long time. Finally, they resist pressure from water and soil, retaining their drainage properties over time as the construction settles.


Drainage boards are an inexpensive partner for a waterproofing membrane. You should consider this for your next build. They are available in different model and price ranges.

Waterproofing Membranes

Waterproofing membranes can come in different forms. Some are fastened to the wall in panels, and others are sprayed into place. Either way, They offered the same great protection for your foundation by completely repelling all the water that comes against them.

The last barrier between the outside and your concrete when you’re building a home, office or other structure, is a waterproofing membrane.

When you pair a quality membrane, like the Mar-flex 5000, with drainage board, you can get a 60 year guarantee that your foundation will be protected from groundwater.

An advantage of waterproofing membranes like the TopGun WB Waterbased Membrane is that they can be sprayed over any clean, dry, sound substrate, and offer a lifetime of protection with a Limited-Lifetime warranty.

Mar-flex offers a range of solutions to your waterproofing membrane needs. Call us today to talk with a waterproofing expert to discuss the needs of your building project.