Four Key Qualities in Choosing a Waterproofing Company

When choosing a waterproofing company for your residential or commercial application, there are four important areas to review. You want to make sure your builder or contractor has a wide range of experience, the products used are backed with a warranty, the installers are certified in their work, and that they address the water problem with several solutions.


Making sure you have the best answers in all four areas will help guarantee that your final project is not only beautiful in the short run, but is functional and dry for years to come.



Commercial and residential experience


Do you want the waterproofing company you choose to have as much experience as possible. While being a specialist may sound ideal, the reality is that experience itself is the best teacher. Companies that work in residential and commercial sites simply have more experience keeping water away from buildings.


You want to select a builder or contractor who will bring all of their experience to your project. The foundation work to keep your building dry for a generation is no place to cut corners.


While residential and commercial applications are different, the enemy is the same, and all of the experience matters.



Products backed with a warranty


Experts in protecting foundations know that some products work better than others. Let’s face it, when you’re building a house you don’t want to choose the product that your cousin Irv says will probably work.


You want to choose a company that only uses products with a warranty. This means they have tested the product and are willing to stand behind it.


It also means that if something goes wrong, this company and this warranty will protect you from some or all of the financial liability to make it right.



Certified and trained installers


In water control, there is no space for error. Covering 99% of an exposed wall means that this wall is susceptible to water infiltration and damage.


For this reason it is crucial that the contractor or builder you choose has installers that are certified and trained as much as the industry can provide certification and training.


The company you hire should be quick to point out their training and certification experience.



Offer several solutions


The reality is that protecting a foundation or other exposed area of a building from water means implementing multiple solutions that work in concert. The company you choose should offer to do more than one solution.


Instead of merely covering one side of one wall with a product, your contractor or company should talk with you about redirecting the water before it ever gets to that space.


This could include drainage, sloping, water runoff solutions, as well as waterproofing treatments for the foundation itself.


If the company you choose provide satisfactory answers in all four of these areas, you can be confident that you will be getting the highest quality waterproofing available.