Does Waterproofing a Basement Add Value?

Before starting any sort of project around the house there are a couple of questions every homeowner wants to ask themselves. The first question typically revolves around affordability relative to what will be gained from the Improvement.

The average homeowner, for instance, cannot afford a huge spray water feature in their front yard that would be at home on a Town Square. Sure, it would be beautiful and a real talking point, but for the average homeowner it would be prohibitively expensive, and probably damaged the resale value of the house.

However there are certain kinds of improvements and upgrades that should happen in your house as soon as they are affordable.

One of these no-brainer improvements is waterproofing a basement.

Waterproofing a basement is a no-brainer

Keeping water out of your basement is important for many reasons.

First and foremost wet basement is a place where mold can grow. Mold in the air of your home can cause allergic reactions or even worse effects on breathing and your body. Mold ca n even render your home unlivable.

A second reason to keep water out of your basement, is that water often comes through cracks or weaknesses in the foundation. so at the first sight of water one concern should be stopping the water, and the other concern should be making sure your foundation is sturdy and stable. Water doesn’t mean your house will fall down but left untreated it can contribute to the quicker demise of your biggest investment.

And a third important reason to waterproof your basement is to get it ready for an upgrade.

Remodeling your basement is a good investment

According to general estimates, remodeling your basement to add new living space and useful room, is  one of the better Investments you can make in your house.

It is estimated that in resale value alone, you recover about 70% of your investment in your basement remodel.  This means a $2,000 investment in your basement will likely get you about $1,400 in resale value, and a $10,000  investment would net you $7,000.

Of course, a remodel of any space typically isn’t done solely thinking about the resale value. This is true about the basement as well. For many people, a basement represents 1/4 to 1/3 of the entire space in their house. Converting that to useful space such as a den, TV room, or spare bedroom can make your house more welcoming, spacious. In all, a happier place to live.

And in order to be remodeled, it must first be waterproofed.

What better investment is there than that?