Commercial Waterproofing Products: Waterproof Membranes

When gearing up for your next construction product, you will want to consider the wide range of commercial waterproofing products available to pick the perfect option for your project.

While each of these products does what it was designed to do – keep out water and moisture – it is important to choose the right product for the specific job. This involves taking into consideration the location, depth, accessibility, and amount of water that the surface will be exposed to when the work is completed.

With so many different options, and so many different companies with their own proprietary lines of these products, one could be forgiven for being confused or overwhelmed by the options.

For this reason, we offer a light introduction to different commercial waterproofing products. One common type of waterproofing product is waterproof membranes.

Here are some products you might consider for your next major project.

Waterproof membranes

Waterproof membranes are separate materials that are designed to be attached to your structure, usually entirely below grade, to keep out water. They come in many different types and have different primary materials.

Some of these membranes are rubberized, providing an impermeable non-porous surface that works in applications where there is likely to be less compression and movement. These are placed on the foundation in the way you might put on a raincoat to go outside in the rain (though you might use less spray adhesive!)

Some waterproof membranes contain clay or similar materials that help absorb water without passing it through to the structure. This loose material, sandwiched between semi-permeable layers, allows for a more dynamic response to water below the surface. These filler ingredients can dry to allow the building to breath and contribute to evaporation. However, they are designed to self-seal when the conditions demand it.

Still other waterproof membranes are made of first use or recycled plastics. In many cases, these can be specially formed to not only keep water away from your foundation, but to direct or carry water away from it.

Some of these products can contribute to the LEED score of your building, as well as providing a lifetime warranty and guarantee against water invading your major investment.

Are waterproof membranes the right solution for your next building project? Talk to your Mar-Flex representative to discuss the specifics and find out what your situation demands.