Basement Waterproofing is the Foundation of Brotherly Love

The City of Brotherly Love certainly knows a thing or two about great architecture. From the American Philosophical Society to the First Bank of the United States, there is no shortage of old, historical buildings that played a part in the forming of the United States. In fact, the Historical Commission of Philadelphia lists 22,000 properties in 15 historical districts. Without question, Philadelphia is famous for its excellent, historical buildings.

But with older buildings comes the responsibility to care for and preserve them. Philadelphians are tough, but so are their winters. Freezing temperatures, sleet, snow and ice can negatively impact structures, and it’s best to be proactive when it comes to protection.

In addition to the historical structures, homes in Philly and the surrounding suburbs also have to contend with the harsh seasonal elements. Whether talking about new homes or repairing older vintage models, fixing the foundation is an important step in protecting your biggest investment.

Mar-flex offers both peace of mind and the protection you need to cover your home. Strength, stability and reinforcement are crucial to combating the elements and guarding against future costly—possibly catastrophic—repairs.

Mar-flex’s line of concrete repair products includes complete crack injection and repair kits, crack injection urethanes, injection ports, port pastes and epoxies. These can be used to help weatherproof and waterproof your home and get ready for the worst that nature can throw at you.

Businesses, too, can utilize the concrete repair products to protect their workplace. Safeguard your office furniture, equipment, computer workstations and more with a solid, reinforced solution to repair all cracks and weak points of your concrete work.

Contact the professionals at Mar-flex to talk over how we can protect your home or place of work. We can discuss a set of solutions that are right for you and designed to help ensure a long life for the structure. Get in touch to discover the protection you need for your home or business.