3 Environmentally Savvy Design Elements to Include When Planning Your Custom Home or Building

Residential Waterproofing

Plan your home or building design with elements that are just as environmentally efficient as they are cost-efficient
Creating and using products that are sustainable is important. As the “Go Green” movement remains in the front of many minds, it is especially in the minds of home designers as they search for products that are just as environmentally efficient as they are cost-efficient.

“There are a lot of steps that go into building a custom home,” said a designer at Goldleaf Designs, a custom home builder in South Jersey, adding, “it’s important to make choices that can last a lifetime.” Using the right waterproofing, drainage, and barrier systems, you can make that possible in your custom home or building design.

Below are some important design elements and different versions of them to keep in mind that are reliable, safe, affordable, and most importantly, environmentally friendly.

1. A Green Waterproofing Membrane System

A waterproofing membrane system keeps a home or building safe from damage from weather and natural wear and tear that comes with age. These underground membranes are usually comprised of specialized rubber or other hydrophobic materials.

These waterproofing membranes are ideal for exterior concrete waterproofing and will protect any foundation or basement prone to water damage.

  1. Armor Membrane 363 Commercial Waterproofing Membrane

    Typically used in commercial settings, this membrane’s elasticity moves with the structure of the building and will not become brittle or crumble. As the building gets wet and impacted with various levels of moisture, this membrane will prevent any damage.

  2. Mar-flex 5000 Waterproofing Membrane

    This easy to install membrane is great for custom residential or commercial designs. This membrane is incredibly durable and protects the foundation like no other membrane.While resisting freezing and chemical damage, this membrane is easy to install and remains flexible.

  3. Fusion UV Waterproofing Membrane

    This durable and protective membrane is a smart choice for designers and home/building owners alike. This specific membrane is easy to handle, install, can be used in any geographical area, and combines advanced UV protection and waterproofing in the membrane design.

    Arguably one of the most high end and technologically advanced products in waterproofing membranes, it comes with a 20-year warranty.

2. A Green Drainage Board

If moisture makes its way into the structure of a home or building, it is likely the building will deteriorate and begin to break down. A simple and affordable way to avoid that is with the installation of a drainage board in your home or building design.

These boards also allow for the conservation of the environment because of the material they are made of along with the channeling of water to prevent water from damaging the grounds around a home or building.

  1. Geo-Mat + Drain Roll

    Not only does this product protect the foundation and the waterproofing membrane, but it is also resistant to saline solutions, alkalis, acids, and hydrostatic pressure.

  2. GeoMat Drain Roll

    The GeoMat Drain Roll removes water before it can damage the structure of a home or building. The water-channeling design is also made of 100% recycled material, making it even more environmentally friendly.

  3. ShockWave Drainage and Insulation Board

    Unaffected by soil or water exposure, this drainage system and insulation board provide outstanding water absorption and protection.

  4. Drain & Dry Drainage Board

    Furthering the goal of environmental savviness, this product is energy conscious and combines thermal insulation properties. Drain and Dry boards are applied shortly after the membrane and before backfilling, making it an important part of custom home design especially in terms of keeping that design protected.

3. A Green Air Barrier System

Living up to its name, each air barrier system protects a home or building against outside air; in addition, these barriers also protect against vapor and rain.

  1. ArmorAir Barrier 1200p

    This barrier is designed to stop air infiltration and exfiltration in a home or building to provide longevity of that property.

    In terms of the environment, this air barrier reduces energy costs by eliminating air leakage and mold growth.

  2. ArmorAir Barrier 1800i

    Similar to the ArmorAir Barrier 1200p, this air barrier does the same things, just on a larger scale.

    With a seamless monolithic membrane, this air barrier can also be applied to damp concrete and seals nicely around brick.

With all of these state of the art designs, there are countless options and opportunities to custom design a home or building in a costly manner while also not breaking the bank. Each high quality and environmentally-savvy product is easy to install and has an ample amount of benefits. To learn more about the specifics of each product, visit the product page.

Jennifer Bell is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey.