Neofoam Insulation Board Product

NeoFoam Insulation Board

NeoFoam Foundation Insulation Board is constructed of expanded polystyrene and has considerably better thermal insulation capacity than conventional EPS products.


Neo-Foam Foundation Insulation Boards are the solution for architects, contractors and builders alike.  The high-tech Neopor foam sets new standards for insulating efficiency and environmental compatibility all while using far less product to achieve the same insulating effect.

It also protects the Mar-flex waterproofing membrane, especially during backfilling or other construction activity while providing insulation value.

It can also be used underneath concrete slabs to insulate and create a vapor barrier to reduce condensation.

  • Product Details

    Product Details

    Available in 3 sizes: #NF-10644: R5  1.0625″x4’x4′  88 sheets/pallet (1408sqft) #NF-21844: R10  2.1875″x4’x4′  44 sheets/pallet (704sqft) #NF-31244: R15  3.1875″x4’x4′   30  sheets/pallet (480sqft) Sold in full truckload quantities only  (22 Pallets)  (flatbed) Also available custom order in 4’x8′ sheets

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