ArmorAir Barrier 1800i

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Mar-flex ArmorAir Barrier 1800i provides a seamless, 100% rubber continuous membrane around the building envelope. The barrier is impermeable to air and vapor transmission. This stops harmful moisture, but preventing structural damage is just one advantage of the ArmorAir Barrier 1800i. The membrane can also dramatically reduce energy costs due to air leakage, combat the growth of mold and earn up to 13 points toward a building’s LEED certification. A growing number of government institutions already require air barriers on their new buildings.


  • Acts as an air and rain barrier
  • Seamless monolithic membrane
  • Seals around penetrations and brick ties
  • Can be applied to damp (or green concrete)
  • Excellent elongation and recovery
  • Low odor

Mar-flex has years of experience helping businesses implement air barriers. Contact our team today to see how Mar-flex AIR & VAPOR Barrier 1800 can improve your building or construction project.